Procedures (for staff)

LP filing

Basic Filing Rules:

All commercial recordings are filed by the manufacturer’s name and label number.

Numerals are filed as if spelled out:

  • CP2 = CP squared
  • 1750 Arch St. = Seventeen fifty Arch St.

Symbols are filed as if spelled out:

  • Sound & Sight = Sound and Sight
  • A&M = A and M

Abbreviations and acronyms are filed as if they are words. Do not convert to the full name:

  • IRCC =IRCC NOT International Record Collectors Club
  • UNESCO = UNESCO NOT United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation

Short words are filed before longer words:

  • “Record Institute” comes before “Recording Company of Argentina"

An authority list will be maintained with the following purposes:

  • To help the shelver and cataloger determine under which recording label name a recording should be filled if there are multiple names present on the item or it is otherwise unclear.
  • To indicate whether or not prefixes and/or suffixes present in the label number should be included or ignored in filling recordings on the shelve.
  • Ignore prefix numbers for ABC so that mono. and stereo. will interfile. e.g. (ABC-645, ABCS-665, ABCS-670, ABC-671).
  • To indicate when certain recordings should be filled under a different name other than the one on the item, in the interest of physical collocating the output of certain subsidiaries with their parent companies. e.g. Bluesway. files under ABC-Bluesway NOT under Bluesway

LP processing

Procedures for Processing Vinyl LPs in Cataloged Portions of the Collections

The Archive of Recorded Sound is currently working on a project to catalog the vinyl LP recordings. The project was started at the beginning of the collection and is working its way through the collection systematically. As a result of this project there will be different procedures for shelving and filing recordings in portions of the collection that have already been cataloged versus the portions that have not. The main purpose of these procedures is to help maintain the sections already cataloged, by cataloging any recordings to be added as well as insuring that any replacements will be reflected accurately in the catalog.

For items that are to be added to the collection, instead of shelving it, place the item in the red Princeton file at the end of the cataloged section of the collection. These recordings will be retrieved from the Princeton file by Archive staff on a regular basis and cataloged, processed, and shelved.

Simple Replacement:
If the gift/acquisitions copy is an exact duplicate of the item already shelved, select the item in better condition to remain on the shelf and place the other one in the consignment box. It is extremely important to verify that the items are exact duplicates; if there are any discrepancies or you are uncertain, please ask for guidance.

Other Replacements:
If a gift/acquisitions copy is not an exact duplicate of an item on the shelf, but will likely replace the Archive copy (i.e. a stereo copy for a mono), place both items together in the red Princeton file and place a slip of paper (which will be provided) into the Archive copy so that Archive staff will be able to determine which item is from the collection and which item is the gift/acquisitions copy. These items will be collected regularly by the Archive staff and processed.

Important Notes:
The issue number on the label of the sound recording itself will always take precedence over any numbers given on the sleeve. It is very important to check the issue number on the disc label as it is possible that a stereo recording is in a mono sleeve or vice versa.

Autographed Sleeves or Labels:
Autographed items in the collection are now being physically shelved in a separate location. If you find a recording where the disc label or sleeve has an autograph, it should be removed from the main collection and given to Aurora for examination and processing. After the autograph has been authenticated, an empty generic sleeve will be placed in the main collection in the spot where the autographed copy was located, with a cross-reference to the autographed copy section. If a gift/acquisition item duplicates an item currently in the autographed section, please bring both copies to the attention of an Archive staff member so they may determine if the duplicate copy should be retained. If the duplicate copy is retained it will replace the empty generic sleeve in the main collection. Items on the autograph shelf should not be removed from the collection.

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