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placeholder Old Fashioned Revival Hour
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The collection consists of CD copies of radio broadcasts of the Old Fashioned Revival Hour, a program of hymns, prayers, and sermons led by Charles E. Fuller and his wife, plus CDs and cassettes of music. The programs were originally broadcast from approximately 1947 until 1955(?) and have been rebroadcast on several radio stations since 2002.

The collection includes original programs from the 1950s and rebroadcasts from 2002 to the present. More programs will be added as they become available. The music CDs and cassettes were published between 1999 and 2004.

pryor logbook Roy Pryor Collection
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Roy Pryor was a hobbyist who, from the mid-1930s until the late 1940s, recorded radio broadcasts onto aluminum and acetate transcription discs in his home. During the early part of World War II he and his family made a special point of trying to capture programs related to the conflict in Europe and the Pacific. As a teacher and dean of the Menlo School and Junior College, he used some of these recordings in class and made them available to other educational institutions.

The Archive of Recorded Sound now houses over 1000 of these discs; the collection contains a wide range of subject material taken directly from local and network radio, providing a kind of aural snapshot of day-to-day life at the time. The majority of the recordings covers the period 1940 to 1942, and depicts war-time attitudes toward local and world politics, the economy, and social issues. There are entertainment shows and commercials as well.

Ksfo image KSFO Collection
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The KSFO collection consists of audiovisual material and ephemera from this San Francisco radio station's years owned by Golden West Broadcasting, 1956-1983. KSFO was known for their news and sports coverage, as well as the voice talents of such personalities as Don Sherwood, Russ Hodges, Lon Simmons, and Al "Jazzbo" Collins. The majority of this collection involves station marketing, promotions, and fundraisers, although there are airchecks and other broadcast recordings. Production library material includes jingles, themes, music beds, promotional spots, and advertising.

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