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Set up a SearchWorks RSS feed!

If you'd like to get notified of new additions to the Art Library's (or any library at Stanford, for that matter) collections on a topic of interest to you, one easy way is to set up an RSS feed for a specific SearchWorks search. You'll need: (1) some search terms; (2) a feed reader (I used Google Reader).

For example, to be notified when new artists' books are added to our collection (provided they're given the subject term "Artists' books"), follow these steps:

Search for "artists' books" in the Subject field, and then limit your location to the Art Library.

Selections from the Harrison Papers on View at the Art & Architecture Library

On the occasion of the visit of the eco-artists Helen and Newton Harrison to campus last week, the Art & Architecture Library has curated an exhibition of highlights from the artists' archive, which the Stanford Libraries purchased in 2010.

Four Decades Peninsula Europe

Case 4_3_2.jpg Case 4_1_2.jpg Case 4_2_2.jpg

Four Decades California Wash

Case 3_1_2.jpg Case 3_2_2.jpg Case 3_3_2.jpg

Four Decades Sava River

Case 2_3_2.jpg Case 2_1_2.jpg Case 2_2_2.jpg

Four Decades: Selections from the Helen and Newton Harrison Papers


Four Decades Intro.

Four Decades_thumb.jpg

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Four Decades: Selections from the Helen and Newton Harrison Papers

Now on view at the Art & Architecture Library:

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