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Stanford onlyLandolt-Börnstein, the largest compilation of data in physics and chemistry, celebrated its 125th birthday on 29 September 2008. The reference work was published by the physicist Hans Landolt and the chemist Richard Börnstein in 1883; in the New Series, it now comprises more than 360 printed volumes and over 55,000 electronic documents for engineers and scientists.

San Francisco Urban Forest Map

San Francisco is the first city with an Urban Forest Map thanks to a collaboration between Friends of the Urban Forest, the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection, and the City of San Francisco. It is an online database of San Francisco's trees, including location, species, size, and health, with a cool map interface. Anyone can add trees, or browse for information. is an online portal for science, teaching, and research. The site offers a collection of audio and video files and printed documents that can be searched or browsed by scientific subject. Users can log in and add files to the collection. Groups can be created for online conferences and users can create profiles to promote collaboration. A news hub provides access to scientific news.

The Scout Report

From the Internet Scout Project: "The Scout Report is the flagship publication of the Internet Scout Project. Published every Friday both on the web and by email, it provides a fast, convenient way to stay informed of valuable resources on the Internet. Our team of professional librarians and subject matter experts select, research, and annotate each resource."

!Women Art Revolution

"The artists’ and critics’ interviews presented here chronicle the founding years of the feminist art movement in the 1970s. While focusing on the events of that decade and the following, these narratives also discuss the impact of the civil rights, anti-war, and women’s rights movements."

Got Data? - New Social Science Data Site

Social Science Data and Software (SSDS) has just released a new web site for Stanford researchers to archive and distribute their data for secondary use by others. The new site is especially targeted at faculty, staff, or students who are required by their grant foundation to archive and make their research data available for others to use. However, anyone is welcome to deposit their data, which will be preserved for posterity in the Stanford Digital Repository (SDR).

Tomorrow's Professor Mailing List

Desktop faculty development, 100 times a year. Sections include Tomorrow's: Faculty, Graduate Students and Postdocs, Academic Careers, Teaching and Learning, and Research.

Safety and Chemical Engineering Education (SAChE) Program

Initiated in 1992, is a cooperative effort between the Center for Chemical Process Safety (CCPS) and engineering schools to provide teaching materials and programs that bring elements of process safety into the education of undergraduate and graduate students studying chemical and biochemical products and processes. These materials may also be suitable for training purposes in an industrial setting.

Online Ethics Center (OEC)

The OEC is maintained by the National Academy of Engineering and is part of the Center for Engineering, Ethics, and Society. The OEC provides readily accessible literature and information, case studies and references, and discussion groups on ethics in engineering and science. It focuses on problems that arise in and for the work life of engineers and scientists. It serves practitioners, educators and students, and individuals interested in professional and research ethics.

The nanoHUB is a rich, web-based resource for research, education and collaboration in nanotechnology. The nanoHUB hosts resources to help you learn about nanotechnology, including Online Presentations, Courses, Learning Modules, Podcasts, Animations, and Teaching Materials. The nanoHUB offers web-based tools that help you learn about and that simulate nanotechnology devices. The nanoHUB also provides a collaboration environment via Workspaces, Online Meetings and User groups.

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