History of Science and Technology

Images from the History of Medicine

History of Science, Technology, and Medicine

Stanford only 1976+

Shakey: Experiments in Robot Planning and Learning

Shakey: An Experiment in Robot Planning and Learning
Artificial Intelligence Center at SRI, 1972.
Stanford University Archives.

Lunar Vehicle Remote Control (outtakes)

Lunar Vehical Remote Control: A Study by Stanford University Mechanical Engineering Design Division (outtakes)
[Film from NASA on CART], n.d.
Computer Science Film Collection, Stanford University Archives..

Introduction to Teknowledge

Introduction to Teknowledge: Knowledge Engineering
By Edward A. Feigenbaum, 1984.
The Papers of Edward A. Feigenbaum, Stanford University Archives.

History of AI in Moving Images and Sound

Collection of pamphlets, ephemera and reports relating to John Logie Baird and Baird Television, Ltd., various dates, 1926-1939.

This collection includes an original handout for the Baird “Televisor” system announced in 1926, the prospectus for the American units of Baird Television, Ltd., and other documents relating to the early history of television. Acquired from Peter Sindell, from the Sindell Television History Collection. Partially funded by the FIELD book fund.

Les passions de l’âme

René Descartes.
Paris: Henry Le Gras, 1649.
Acquired from James Gray with funding from the Samuel I. and Cecile M. Barchas Fund and the Andrew B. Hammond Fund.

Tableaux synoptiques de chemie …

Antoine Fourcroy
Paris: Baudouin, 1800.
Acquired from Jeff Weber Rare Books, with funding from the Samuel I. and Cecile M. Barchas Fund for the Barchas collection.

Papers of Andrew S. Grove

After beginning his career with Fairchild Semiconductor, Andy Grove became one of the earliest employees at Intel Corporation after its founding. He became President of Intel in 1979, Chief Executive Officer in 1987, and Chairman of the Board in 1997. The Grove papers include public and corporate speeches and presentations made during his tenure at Intel.

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