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QR Codes Pilot Project in Jonsson/SSRC

Have you seen these? These square-shaped matrix-style barcodes with black geometric pattern are called Quick Response codes – aka QR codes – and they’re really useful in today’s smart-phone driven culture for linking to digital information whether it be bibliographic information from a SearchWorks record (yes, QR codes are available for every item in SearchWorks!), a Website, a text message, someone’s contact information etc. QR codes can be scanned by QR code apps downloadable to iphone/android smart phones and ipads/tablets.

SSRC Floorplan


Staff Directory

Karim Arsalane, Operations Manager

Billie Bousman, Bibliographic Assistant


Primary public facilities in the Center include:

Access & Circulation

The Social Sciences Resource Center (SSRC) is located on the first floor of the Green Library Bing (West) Wing. Access to the Center is via the Green Library South (facing Meyer Library) and West (facing the Quad) portals. Hours may vary for availability of facilities, resources and services.

Circulation Policies

Subject Specialists

SSRC subject specialists build and interpret the social science and government documents collections for the Stanford community. Users engaged in advanced research can contact the SSRC subject specialists via email. In addition, users have access to an extensive collection of online databases and resources. Your first stop for research should be the Information Center located in Green Library.

James R. Jacobs
United States government information
Office Hours: By appointment

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