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Yoga: It's Never Too Late to Reap the Benefits

Do you want to:

  • improve flexibility?
  • increase strength?
  • boost your immune system?
  • enhance your concentration?
  • create overall well-being?

The benefits of yoga can be physiological, psychological and biochemical. Read Yoga: it's never too late to reap the benefits.

News for East Bay Commuters

New Dumbarton Express route between the East Bay and Stanford will start on July 2

The service will offer new Wi-Fi on all buses and increased service frequency.

Library Concierge 4: Digital Humanities, May 23

concierge_graphic.jpgConcierge 4: Digital Humanities Support

  • Tue 5/22, 10:00 am
  • Wed 5/23, 10:00 am
  • Wed 5/23, 3:00 pm

Reminder that there will be no Concierge session in June, but sign-ups are open now for the July sessions (Concierge 5: Humanities Branches (Art & VRC, Music & ARS).

The Stanford Libraries in Stanford UHR’s Newsletter

Did you receive an email from “Stanford UHR” and initially think it was SPAM?

Winter 2012, Stanford University Human Resources (Stanford UHR) debuted the first edition of their newsletter, The Stanford Employee Insider. The newsletter, specifically produced for Stanford employees, features information on benefits, employment, staff profiles, as well as a section focused on the “sweet” reasons to work at Stanford. The most recent issue, Spring 2012, includes a couple of Library highlights.

Chalk Talk: "It would be so cool if SearchWorks could _______."

chalk.jpg Who: SULAIR and Coordinate Library Staff
When: Thursday, May 17, 2012, 2:30 - 4 PM
Where: Green Library, IC Classroom

How do you like SearchWorks? What works well for you? And, what could use some improvement? What do users think about it? Do you have any tricks or tips to share with others?

Please come to a special "roundtable" Chalk Talk ready to share your stories about using SearchWorks, your tips or tricks for power users, and/or your enhancement requests (be it nuts & bolts or blue sky imaginings). Your input and experiences can help chart the course of the ongoing development of this vital SULAIR service.

Check Out the IC Book Display!

Mark Twain said, "Action speaks louder than words, but not nearly as often."

People have been engaged in some interesting actions concerning the IC book display. Have you "checked out" the IC Book Exhibit table near the Loan Desk? This display is an attempt to increase circulation, and highlight our vast collections. This is just one way of making our impressive material available for everyone to enjoy.

Library Concierge: No Concierge Session in June

Due to travel schedules and vacations, we will not have a Concierge session in June. Those sessions have been removed form the CourseWork site.concierge_graphic.jpg

Sign-ups are still available for the May and July sessions.

Concierge 4: Digital Humanities Support (Note Tuesday/Wednesday times instead of our usual Friday/Tuesday schedule.)

Shameless Promotions from Parking & Transportation

Not that SULAIR staff need any crass blandishments to commute responsibly, but here are the latest promotions from Parking and Transportation for the less-evolved (or specially circumstanced) among Stanford employees:

Would you like to experience a better commute? This spring, there are many ways we will reward you for choosing a sustainable commute or avoiding peak-commute times.

A New Book by Wojciech Zalewski: "The Crucible of Religion"

 Crucible of Religion

Our colleague Wojciech Zalewski, Bibliographer for Religious Studies, has just published a wonderful new book: The Crucible of Religion: Culture, Civilization, and Affirmation of Life (Eugene, OR: Wipf and Stock Publishers).

In the book, Wojciech takes a new approach to the study of religion and humanity, emphasizing not the vast differences among the world's many religions, but rather their common and universal aspects; in this, he is a real uniter, rather than a divider. In addition to distinguishing between religious traditions and religion per se, he also draws a distinction between culture (which he sees as life-affirming) and civilization (which he sees as frequently a source of conflict and violence). Wojciech's thesis is inclusive of all life-affirming religious feeling and thought -- embracing, remarkably, not only those who hold mono- and polytheistic religious beliefs, but even the doubters and non-believers among us.

Library Concierge 4: Digital Humanities Support - Sign-ups Re-opened

Sign-ups have been re-opened for Concierge 4: Digital Humanities Support. Note the Tuesday & Wednesday times rather than our usual Tuesday & Friday slots.

  • Tuesday, 5/22, 10am
  • Wednesday, 5/23 10am
  • Wednesday, 5/23 3pm

If you already signed up, you do not need to do so again.
(Thanks to the CourseWork team for their quick and effective attention to addressing the bug in the Sakai code!).

: The Concierge session on Digitization Programs has been postponed. We will announce a new topic for Concierge 5 soon.

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