Setting Up Google Custom Search

These instructions explain how to create a Google Custom Search Engine to let users search your group. First, follow the steps under Drupal Setup, then the steps under Google Setup.

Drupal Setup

  1. Create a Drupal page to display the results of your custom search engine
  2. You might want to name it "Search Results", so the resulting URL will be your group string followed by "search-results", for example:

  3. Get the site information you need to enter for your search engine
  4. Use this form to generate the site list strings:

    Leave the resulting page open so you can copy information from it.

Google Setup

  1. Set up your custom search engine.
  2. Create a Google account, if you don't already have one, log in, go to the Custom Search Engine page and click on the button that says "Create a Custom Search Engine".

  3. Fill in the title and description fields.
  4. Keep the title simple; for example, make it the same as your Drupal group name.

  5. In the section “What do you want to search?” choose the option “Only sites I select”.
  6. Add the sites to search.
  7. Copy the site strings you generated earlier, under "Drupal Setup", Step 2, into the field that lists sites to search:

    Sites to search list
  8. Check the Terms of Service box and click Next.
  9. Terms of Service box

    You'll see the Preview page where you can try out your search engine. Note that it may take a minute or so before searching starts to work.

  10. Click Finish when you are through.
  11. You'll see a page that lists your search engines.

  12. Click the "control panel" link for the search engine you just created.
  13. You'll see the Basics section on the Control Panel page, which includes a menu along the left for other sections.

  14. Change the "Advertising status" option.
  15. Scroll down and click the option that says you do not want to show ads.

    Advertising status

    Make sure to click Save Changes to save the new setting.

  16. Test your search engine
  17. Click on the “My Search Engines” link in the upper left site of the screen. This will display a list of your search engines.

    Click on the main link to your newly created search engine. This will display a generic version of your new search engine where you can test out some searches.

  18. Ask to have your search engine added to the Group search drop-down.
  19. Once you are satisfied that searching works properly, send a request to asking to have your search engine included as an option in the drop-down search list for your group.

    In the email, include the URL of your search engine. You'll find it in the URL field at the top of your browser. It will look something like:

    Also include the URL of the Drupal Search Results page you created (See "Drupal Setup" Step 1).

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