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Airiti Books 華藝中文電子書
Full-text access to 157 academic books published in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau. Users can read online or download to personal computers or mobile devices. More information on off-line access could be found at

China Academic Journals 中国期刊全文数据
China Academic Journals (CAJ) is a full-text database covering approximately 6,600 journal titles from the People's Republic of China. [Internet Explorer recommended]

China Doctoral Dissertations 中国博士学位论文
A full-text database collects dissertations from 404 doctor degree grantors, covering all subject areas, including sciences, technology, social sciences and humanities.

China Master Theses 中国优秀硕士学位论文
A full-text database collects master theses, covering all subject areas.

China Proceedings of Conferences 中国重要会议论文
A full-text Database collects proceedings of domestic and international conferences sponsored by societies, associations, universities and institutions, and governments of the first and second levels in China.

China Reference Works Online 中国工具书网络出版总库
Including more than 4000 reference works.

China Yearbooks 中国年鉴数据库

China Statistical Yearbooks 中国统计年鉴数据库

China Cultural Revolution Database 中国文化大革命史料库
(2006, Second Edition). Collection of over 10,000 original documents published from 1967 through 1977.

China Data Online 中国数据在线
Contains China yearly macro-economy statistics (1949-), China monthly macro-economy statistics (1998-), monthly reports on economic development (2002-), China city statistics (1996-), China county statistics (1997-), China industrial data (2001-), and various statistical yearbooks (2002-).

China: Trade, Politics and Culture 1793-1980
Based on substantial collections of unique manuscript materials held at the library of the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) and the British Library in London, this resource provides a wide variety of original source material detailing China’s interaction with the West from Macartney’s first Embassy to China in 1793, through to the Nixon/Heath visits to China in 1972-74.

Full-text database of hundreds of thousands of books published in China since 1949 concentrating on social sciences and humanities.

Chinese Ancient Texts Database (CHANT) 漢達文庫
Database of Jiaguwen, Jianbo, Jinwen, Pre-Han and Han, Six Dynasties and Lei Shu.

Chinese Civilization in Time and Space
Web-based GIS system with historical maps, integrated with full-text databases from the Academia Sinica. The fundamental base maps are based on Dr. Tan's "The Historical Atlas of China". "The Historical Atlas of China" provides users with Chinese historical features, covering Chinese history over the past 2000 years, from the ancient time to Qing dynasty. Click on "Enter CCTS System" to access the database. Users must download ArcView 9.1, the latest Java Runtime Environment, and CCTS plug-ins before use.

Ch'ing Palace Memorials and Archives of the Grand Council 清代宮中檔奏摺及軍機處檔摺件
Full-image database of documents collected by the National Palace Museum. These documents span the reigns from Kangxi to Xuantong, covering a wide range of subjects, including state, foreign and military affairs, finance, agriculture, and industry.
Note: Please contact the East Asia Library for username/password information.

Duxiu 读秀知识库
Duxiu provides full-text access to over 2 million core Chinese monographs and journals, as well as over 500 yearbooks published in mainland China. Duxiu can also be accessed via Stanford’s Chinamaxx interface (search form is located at the lower portion of the Chinamaxx homepage).

Foreign Office files for China [1919-1980]
Complete British Foreign Office files dealing with China, Hong Kong and Taiwan during these decades.

Grand Secretariat Archives 内閣大庫檔案
The Grand Secretariat Archives features documents originally collected by the Grand Secretariat of the Qing dynasty. The database allows keyword searching for responsible official, title, matter and document number. It includes full-text images of 310,000 documents dated from the Ming dynasty to the late Qing dynasty.
Note: Please contact the East Asia Library for username/password information. This resource is only available on campus and cannot be accessed from off campus via proxy. Internet Explorer recommended.

History of Contemporary Chinese Political Movements 中國當代政治運動史數據庫
Primary sources related to the Cultural Revolution, Anti-Rightists Campaign, Great Leap forward and Great Famine.

Guangming Ribao 光明日报
Launched on June 16, 1949 by the China Democratic League, originally represented the eight minority “democratic” parties in China. In 1957, the newspaper reported widely on the various forums critical of the Communist Party which followed Mao Zedong’s call to “let one hundred flowers bloom”. As a result, the paper was severely criticized in the Anti-Rightist Movement (1958) that followed. The paper then joined the mainstream of party publications. Today, Guangming ribao is an influential daily, specifically in the fields of science and technology, education and culture, with readership amongst state agencies, universities and schools, the armed forces and in intellectual circles.

Han dian quanwen jiansuo xitong 瀚典全文檢索系統
Publicly available Chinese classics (二十五史,十三經 ...) from Academia Sinica. Click on "瀚典全文檢索系統 2.0 版" to access content.

LawinChina 北大法宝
Publishes Chinese statutes, regulations, cases, government policies, legal news, treaties, law review articles, and law links.

National Index to Chinese Newspapers & Periodicals 全国报刊索引
The National Index to Chinese Newspapers & Periodicals (NICNP) is an index database covering information from 1833 to the present. It lists about 18,000 kinds of newspapers and periodicals published in China and contains over 30 million entries.
Note: Although it appears you can request documents directly from Shanghai Library, requests must go through Stanford Libraries Interlibrary Loan Unit citing the NICNP as the source for the document.

NICNP: Chinese Periodical Full-text Database (1911~1949) 民国时期期刊全文数据库(1911~1949)
This database contains about 20,000 titles of Chinese periodicals published in the period 1911 to 1949. To access this resource, click on Chinese periodical full text database (1911-1949), select【全文库】 民国时期期刊全文数据库(1911~1949) , then click 使用 under the database image.

People's Daily (1946-) 人民日报
Full text of the People's Daily from 1946-2011.

People's Liberation Army (PLA) Daily 解放军报
People’s Liberation Army (PLA) Daily is the official newspaper of the military of the People’s Republic of China. The publication was established on
January 1, 1956 and acts as the authoritative media of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army to release military news and comprehensive military-related information.

ProQuest historical newspapers. Chinese Newspapers Collection (1832-1953)
Full text of various Chinese newspapers in English.

Qing dai shi liao wen xian 清代史料文献
Full text searchable database including historical text on Qing history. Special font file is required.

Scripta Sinica 中央研究院 漢籍全文資料庫
The updated (460 titles and 358,000,000 characters) full-text database of pre-modern Chinese materials from Academia Sinica.

Shen Bao 申報
An important primary source for late imperial and modern China, Shen Bao underwent three reigns of Qing Dynasty, and witnessed many significant historical events, such as Sino-French War, Sino-Japanese War, Boxer Rebellion, and two World Wars. Known for its rich news reporting, commentary and advertisement, Shen Bao played a pivotal role in the formation of public opinion in the late 19th century and Republic Era. This online database makes available searchable full texts and digital images in pdf-format.
[Note: search requires traditional Chinese character input.]

Si bu cong kan 四部叢刊
A collectaneum compiled by the Republican period (1911-1949) scholar Zhang Yuanji 張元濟 (1867-1959). It includes 504 texts arranged in three series. Special font file should be downloaded for proper display of Chinese characters.

Si ku quan shu (Wenyuange Ed.) 文淵閣四庫全書(電子版)
This new version of SKQS requires the download of a client and can be used anywhere on the Stanford campus via authenticated wired or wireless connection. The client download and installation guides are available at (requires a Microsoft Windows operating system and Internet Explorer).
This online version of the Wenyuange Edition expands the full-text retrieval and full-image browsing along with thousands of Chinese characters added to the Unicode Standard and many thousand more digitized characters. Users will benefit from correlated search functions that recognize Traditional-Simplified and Chinese-Japanese character sets.
Note: To access this resource from off campus, please contact the East Asia Library for username/password information.

Sinofin Financial Information Service 色诺芬中国经济金融数据库
Produced jointly by the Center for Chinese Economic Research at Beijing University and Sinofin Financial Information Service, this database provides current and historical data on Chinese listed companies, corporate governance, industry analysis, financial markets, etc.

Taiwan Electronic Periodical Service (TEPS) 臺灣電子期刊服務網
TEPS covers 81,000 articles published in leading Taiwanese academic journals. Spanning subject areas including medicine and life sciences, humanities, social sciences, natural sciences and applied sciences, TEPS is updated daily with new academic journal content and includes archived issues dating to 1991.

Taiwan Master Theses and Ph.D Dissertations 台湾硕博士论文
Collects master theses and Ph.D dissertations from 49 institutions on all subject areas.

Yan xing lu 燕行錄
Contains 556 personal records by the identified authors about 314 Korean envoys and delegation that visited Beijing during Goryeo and Joseon Dynasty (from 13th to 19th century). Text in Chinese but the database interface in Korean language.

Zhongguo fang zhi ku 中國方誌庫
Currently include about 2000 pre-modern local gazetteers (when finished, will include more than 10,000). Full text searchable.

Zhongguo ji ben gu ji ku 中國基本古籍庫
includes more than 10,000 full-text traditional Chinese works. Original images also available. Full text searchable.

Zhongguo li dai shi ke shi liao hui bian 中國歷代石刻史料匯編 Collection of Chinese stone rubbings throughout the Dynasties)
A database of over 1000 epigraphic texts (including the epigraphy sections in local gazetteers) with full-text searching.


For an updated list of available e-resources, please follow this link:

Japanese e-resource topic guide


Listed below are e-resources available for Stanford-affiliated users.

JapanKnowledge+ 知識探索 

Includes Encyclopedias and dictionaries such as 日本大百科全書: ニッポニカ (小学館), Encyclopedia of Japan (講談社), 字通 / 白川静著, Imidas, 現代用語の基礎知識, 日本人名大辞典 (講談社) and JK Who’s Who (小学館).  Also includes full-texts of 週刊エコノミスト from the previous one year and the current year, 東洋文庫 (selected titles) in PDF format, 新編日本古典文学全集 (Selected titles), 日本国語大辞典 (小学館), 日本歴史地名体系 (平凡社), and 国史大辞典 (吉川弘文館).

Keijō nippō 京城日報 (Kyǒngsǒng ilbo)

Largest and longest circulating Japanese-language newspaper published in colonial Korea from 1907 to 1945. Image files, provided in PDF format, are not searchable but browsable by date.

Kikuzō II Bijuaru for Libraries 聞蔵IIビジュアル

Searchable full-text and page images of Asahi shinbun 朝日新聞 from 明治12 [1879] to the present, Aera アエラ from the first issue (May 1988) to the present, Shūkan Asahi 週刊朝日 (news only) from April 2000 to the present, Chiezō 知恵蔵 (latest ed.), 歴史写真(1930's-1945).

Nikkei Telecom21 日経テレコン21

Searchable full-texts of 日本経済新聞 (1981- ), 日本産業新聞 (1981- ), 日経流通新聞 (1985- ) and 日経金融新聞 (1987- ). Selective, partial-texts from 1975 are also searchable. Image files of 日本経済新聞 from 明治9 [1876] to 1958, are not searchable, but browsable by date. Also includes business and financial resources such as 日経会社プロフィル (30,000 company profiles), Corporate Financial Summary (recent three fiscal years of 1,700 companies) and 日経 Who’s Who (20,000 corporate executives).

The Japanese magazine, Taiyō, was published from 1895 to 1928 and is especially known for its literary criticism, Japanese literature, and translations of Western authors.

WebOya provides access to Ōya Sōichi Library's comprehensive collection of popular journals. It indexes 400 titles from 1988 to the present.

Yomidasu Rekishikan ヨミダス歴史館

Includes searchable full-text and page images of  読売新聞 from 明治 7 [1874] to the present, Daily Yomiuri from Sept. 1989 to the present, and biographical information on 26,000 Japanese people.  Use Restrictions: please read before using this database.


Zasshi kiji sakuin shūsei dētabēsu 雑誌記事索引集成データベース (Kōseisha 皓星社 )

"Complete database for Japanese magazines and periodicals from the Meiji era to the present"


CD-ROM 新編国歌大観

Collection of and an index to classical poetry composed before 1600. Not compatible with the public kiosks. Contact Charles Fosselman or Regan Murphy Kao.

CD-ROM Taiyō 太陽 (博文館, 1895-1928)

Searchable full-text and page images of the Taiyō articles. Available at Japanese CD-ROM station only.





   Many Korean electronic resources work best on Internet Explorer.

Stanford-restricted Resources Library Catalogs Korean Romanization
Dictionaries Encyclopedias Journal/Magazine Articles
Newspapers Films and Other Visual Resources History
Literature North Korea Social Sciences
Statistics Other Multidisciplinary E-resources

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    KINDS (Korean Integrated Newspaper Database System)
    Articles since 1990 are searchable. PDF pages of Kyǒnghyang sinmun, Tonga ilbo, Sǒul sinmun, and Han'guk ilbo from 1960 to 1989 can be browsed by date. Articles from old newspapers (1896-) are also Searchable and browsable by date.

    Naver 뉴스 라이브러리
    Archives of Han Kyǒre (May 15, 1988-1999), Kyǒnghyang sinmun (October 6, 1946-1999), Tonga ilbo (April 1, 1920-1999), and Maeil Kyǒngje (March 24, 1966-1999). Searchable and browsable by date.

    조선일보 아카이브 *Stanford-restricted
    Searchable PDF archives from its beginning issue in 1920 to the present.

    한국근현대신문자료, 국사편찬위원회
    Image files of modern Korean newspapers. Searchable by title and index keywords.

    신문(1945년 이전), 국립중앙도서관 전자도서관
    Image files of pre-1945 Korean newspapers. Searchable by title and index keywords.

    KPM 조선언론정보기지 *Stanford-restricted
    Full-text database of North Korean newspapers (including Nodong sinmun, Minju Chosŏn, Pyongyang times) and journals. Searchable and browsable by subject areas or journal/newspaper titles and date.

    京城新報. 朝鮮日報. 京城日日新聞. 京城藥報 *Stanford-restricted
    Collection of Japanese newspapers published in Korea between 1905 and 1942. Not searchable by keywords but browsable by date.

    京城日報 *Stanford-restricted
    Online version of Kyŏngsŏng ilbo (Keijō nippō), a Japanese-language newspaper published in Korea from 1906 to 1945. Not searchable by keywords but browsable by date.

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Tibetan Buddhist Resource Center Digital Library
Full-text access to the TBRC's extensive database of Tibetan literature.

Trial Databases

China, America and the Pacific

Trial access to China, America and the Pacific is now available ending June 27. This database features an extensive range of archival materials connected to the trading and cultural relationships that emerged between China, America and the Pacific region between the 18th and early 20th centuries. Manuscript sources, rare printed texts, visual images, objects and maps from multiple archives are carefully selected. Please note that the trial access is for on-campus only and PDF download options are not available during trials. Contact Qi Qiu ( for any problems you may have.

Bungei Kurabu

From 4/15/14-5/14/14, we will have trial access to the literary magazine, Bungei Kurabu. Bungei Kurabu was published by Hakubunkan starting in 1895 and includes the writings of 2,600 individual authors, including Izumi Kyoka, Ozaki Koyo, Tayama Katai, Yamada Bimyo, and Higuchi Ichiyo. With many photographs of actors, entertainers, geisha, and articles about contemporary customs, it is valuable in the study of Meiji period literature, art, rakugo, and theatre. The database covers the Meiji period from the magazine's inception in 1895 to 1912. Please let me know your impressions of this resource, which will be integrated into the JapanKnowledge interface in the autumn of 2014.

Title: Bungei Kurabu full set
Trial period: 4/15/2014-5/14/2014
Simultaneous access: 4

The Asahi Shimbun, Asia & Japan Watch

Trial access to The Asia & Japan Watch by the Asahi Shimbun is now available for three months through mid April. This website offers comprehensive coverage of news in Japan and Asia, and would be an important resource on this region for the Stanford community. Please note that the trial access is for on-campus only. Contact Qi Qiu ( for any problems you may have.

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