Data Websites: Utah

Theme Layers Link Extent
[Clearinghouse/Data links] Urban infrastructure Link Carbon County
[Clearinghouse/Data links] Utah GIS portal Link statewide
[Clearinghouse/Data links] Link Salt Lake County
[Clearinghouse/Data links] Link Salt Lake City
[Link List] [Link List] Link statewide
Biota Wide variety of species habitats, ecoregions, noxious weeds Link statewide
Boundaries BLM districts, counties, tribal lands, forest service lands, wilderness areas, roadless areas, census block groups, political districts, voting districts Link statewide
Boundaries City council districts, city boundaries, community council districts Link Salt Lake City
Boundaries City council districts, zip codes Link Salt Lake County
Climatology, Meteorology, and Atmosphere NWS forecast zones Link statewide
Economy Alcohol licensing districts, zoning Link Salt Lake City
Economy Cellular market areas, census data, enterprise zones, tax areas Link statewide
Elevation Contours 500 ft, highest peaks, LIDAR Link statewide
Environment EPA data on environmental and human health Link EPA Region 8
Environment National and State Wildlife Refuges Link statewide
Environment NRCS soil data mart Link statewide
Environment Wilderness areas, roadless areas, conservation zones and districts, air and water pollution, water and air quality monitoring sites, urban interface areas, easements Link statewide
Environment Wildlife ranges and hunting, birds, mammals, hunt units Link statewide
Farming Grazing regions Link statewide
Geoscientific Faults, landslide areas, liquefaction zones, mineral and oil deposits, dikes Link statewide
Geoscientific Lithology, geologic map Link statewide
Health Health districts and statistical areas, hospitals Link statewide
Health Hospitals Link Salt Lake County
Imagery, Base Maps, and Scanned Maps Aerial photography 2003, 1999 Link Salt Lake City
Imagery, Base Maps, and Scanned Maps USGS quads Link statewide
Inland Waters Aquifers, shallow ground water, dams, floodplains, rivers, lakes, flood zones, streams, wetlands, watersheds Link statewide
Inland waters Rivers and streams Link Salt Lake City
Inland waters Streams, lakes, rivers Link Salt Lake County
Inland waters Water bodies, water courses, wells Link Carbon County
Planning and Cadastre Addresses, land ownership, parcels, subdivisions, sections, surveys, zoning Link Carbon County
Planning and Cadastre Land ownership, parcels Link statewide
Planning and cadastre Zoning, public way, streets and addresses Link Salt Lake City
Society Cemeteries, libraries, fire stations, golf courses, schools Link Salt Lake County
Society Census data, universities, jails, schools, law enforcement, libraries, churches, cemeteries, fire stations Link statewide
Transportation Major streets Link Salt Lake County
Transportation Railroads, roads Link Carbon County
Transportation Roads, light rail, railroads, commuter rails, airports Link statewide
Utilities and Communication Cellular market areas, power plants, oil wells, gas wells, coal mines, uranium mills, tar sands, renewable energy, broadband wireless, electrical lines, pipelines, sewers, storm drains, telephone infrastructure, water distribution Link statewide

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