ArcGIS 10.0 Software Download

Stanford maintains a campus-wide site license agreement with Environmental Systems Research Institute (ESRI) that is paid and managed by Stanford University Libraries for the benefit of the entire university. The site license gives the Stanford community unlimited number of seats of ESRI software for teaching, research, or administrative purposes.

License Requirements

These programs are for installation on Stanford-owned computers only and are only available to users who possess a current SUNet ID. Programs provided under this agreement are to be used only for instructional, research, and administrative purposes. Use of the licensed programs for profit, private gain, or other commercial use is prohibited.

The following programs are available for download to Windows PCs:  
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It is strongly recommended that you download and install the latest Service Pack if you are using ArcGIS Desktop 10.

Understanding the ESRI suite

ESRI has developed an extensive range of GIS products to help manage, analysis and visualize geospatial data.

Desktop GIS (ArcGIS Desktop): refers to three different products — ArcInfo, ArcEditor, and ArcView — which are designed for a home computer system. All three products include ArcMap, ArcCatalog, and Arctoolbox, but the functionality increases as you move from ArcView to ArcEditor to ArcInfo. Read more about the three products.

Server GIS: ArcGIS Server distributes maps and GIS capabilities via Web mapping applications and services. ArcGIS Server and ArcGIS Image Server are available for circulation at Branner Library.

Mobile GIS: ArcPad is for field mapping and can be installed onto GPS receivers or PDAs connected to a GPS receiver. ArcPad is available for circulation at Branner Library.

Online GIS: ArcGIS online map services are basemaps available precached and cartographically rendered to support multiple-scale display within ArcGIS. Some map services are free while others are for a fee. Please visit ESRI’s website for up-to-date information.

ESRI Data: ESRI Data and Maps is a set of annual map data included in our site license and is available for circulation at Branner Library.

If you need any other application from the ESRI suite of products that is not available for download on our website, such as ArcGIS Server, ArcInfo Workstation or ArcGIS Mobile, you can order the original installation media at Branner Library. Please use SearchWorks to find the product you are interested in and have the Call Number ready when you ask at the circulation desk. If you have any additional questions, please contact Patricia Carbajales at

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