Valmadonna Trust

Valmadonna Trust Collection

Collection Profile and Assessment Survey


Part 1: Collection general

Full name of collection

    Valmadonna Trust Collection

Date of receipt

    Sept. 2007


    Zachary Baker


    Rare books on Judaism, mostly in Hebrew.

Size of collection

    Estimate 80 titles in three boxes

Special funding for processing

    No, the collection was a purchase.

Storage of un-cataloged collection

    Green 332A

Location of cataloged collection

    Special Collections - RBC

Other Information
Special access point:

    690: 4: Valmadonna Trust Collection




      Duplicate searching handled by the curator prior to processing.
      Return duplicates to the curator if found at the time of processing.

    Variant editions

      Process all variant editions

    If available on microfilm

      Process even if available on microfilm

    Terminal set items:

      Add volumes to RBC location

    Serial items:

      Add all new serial titles to the RBC collection.

Part 2: Cataloging considerations

Test sample and time of test

    Testing not done.

Format(s), type of material

    95% monographs, 5 % serials

Duplicate rate


Language content of non-duplicates

    Mainly Hebrew

Matching copy hit rate

End Processing specifications

    Special Processing to be handled by Special Collections. Cataloged books to be placed in the Monograph Receiving locked room for pick-up.

Part 3: Physical condition

    Good condition per curator.

Last modified: December 7, 2007

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