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Asia-Pacific Internet Resources (Australian National University. Division of Information).

Asian Studies WWW Virtual Library.
The Asian Studies WWW Virtual Library covers online resources dealing with all of Asia and the Pacific including: Brunei, Burma, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam

Portal to Asian Internet Resources (PAIR). Committed to directing users to Asian area content in the humanities and social sciences, PAIR is supported by area studies scholars, bibliographers and subject selectors based at the libraries of the University of Wisconsin, the University of Minnesota and the Ohio State University.

Library of Congress Portals to the World : "Links to Electronic Resources from Around the World." Currently covers: American Samoa, Brunei, Burma (Myanmar), Cambodia, East Timor (Timor Leste), Fiji, Indonesia, Kiribati, Laos, Malaysia, Micronesia, Naura, Niue, Palau, Papua New Guinea, Philippines, Samoa, Singapore, Solomon Islands, Thailand, Tonga, Tuvalu, Vanuatu, Vietnam.

Southeast Asia Guide of the Memorial Library of the University of Wisconsin.

South East Asia Information. (Hosted by Sunsite of the National University of Singapore)

University of Redlands. Asian studies web directory.


AccessAsia is the National Bureau of Asian Research's clearinghouse for information on contemporary Asian affairs and policy-related issues. Although it covers all of Asia, countries may be searched individually.

Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC)
Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation is a forum for facilitating economic growth, cooperation, trade and investment in the Asia-Pacific region. APEC's 21 Member Economies are Australia; Brunei Darussalam; Canada; Chile; People's Republic of China; Hong Kong, China; Indonesia; Japan; Republic of Korea; Malaysia; Mexico; New Zealand; Papua New Guinea; Peru; The Republic of the Philippines; The Russian Federation; Singapore; Chinese Taipei; Thailand; United States of America; Viet Nam.

ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations)

Asia-Pacific Centre for Environmental Law. Hosted by the National University of Singapore, this site inclues the ASEAN Project which lists each nation separately.

Asia-Pacific Digital Database
Consists of a small (seven items so far) database of digitised texts of selected works on Asia and the Pacific from the rare book collection of the Australian National University Library.

Bibliography of Asian Studies (BAS) (Restricted to members of the Stanford community) The Bibliography of Asian Studies (BAS) is the authoritative bibliography in its field, covering publications from 1971–
Hard copy is also available for 1956–1991. Z3001 .B51 GRN STKS

Centre for the Study of the Chinese Southern Diaspora, RSPAS, the Australian National University is designed to foster research on people of Chinese descent in Southeast Asia and the Southwest Pacific. It includes access to its annual electronic journal, Chinese Southern Diaspora Studies, a multi-disciplinary journal devoted to research on all aspects of the Chinese southern diaspora (that is, in Southeast Asia, Australasia, and the southwest Pacific region), from the earliest times to the present.

Chiefs of State and Cabinet Members of Foreign Governments. (CIA)

CORMOSEA (Committee On Research Materials On Southeast Asia)

Country Watch CountryWatch provides country specific geopolitical intelligence for each of the 192 countries of the world. For each country, it includes "Country Reviews," a set of on-line dynamically updated reports; "Country Wire," an on-line global news service; "CountryWatch Forecast," a forecast of global macroeconomic trends in each country of the world; "CountryWatch Data," a database, which provides over 200,000 data points; "CountryWatch Map Gallery," an online collection of over 2000 maps; "CountryWatch@School," an online educational resource; "CountryWatch Tranlate," a translation service in all major world languages (for a fee); "CountryWatch's International Impressions," in partnership with Zogby International, offers a 10 nation report on impressions of America. Access available to Stanford affiliated people through the "Articles and databases page" on the SULAIR website. Scroll down to Country Watch.

Country Studies is a series from the Library of Congress. Each "book" presents a description and analysis of the historical setting and the social, economic, political and national security systems and institutions of the respective countries listed.
The countries of Southeast Asia and the Pacific currently listed are:
Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam.

Database of Labour Laws of Southeast Asia provides a tool for comparative analysis of Southeast and East Asian labour regulatory regimes (Cambodia, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam). On this site you can find information on the politico-legal framework, labour force structure, employment/labour contracts, coverage by labour law and regulations, collective employment provisions, conflicts, disputes and settlements, and inspections, monitoring and health and safety

Mekong Network. "Volunteer project providing information on Southeast Asia."

SASI (Southeast Asia Serials Index)

Southeast Asia Microfilm Project.

Southeast Asia: A Socio-linguistics bibliography

Southeast Asia Visions: a collection of historic travel narratives. Hosted by Cornell University Library.

Southeast Asia Women Studies Bibliography (UC Berkeley Library)

Southeast Asian Archaeology Scholarly Website. "The University of Pennsylvania Museum has created a website for the dissemination of scholarship on the archaeology and anthropology of Southeast Asia. The project currently has two components-- a web-based bibliography and a skeletal database."

Southeast Asian Ministers of Education Organization (SEAMEO) Includes link to the SEAMEO Education Access Magazine (SEA Mag) and other publications.

The Thai/Lao/Cambodian Studies Group (TLC) is an affiliate of the Southeast Asian Council (SEAC) of the Association for Asian Studies (AAS). It aims to bring together scholars and students who work in many fields (History, Anthropology, Botany, Women's Studies, Religious Studies, Ethnomusicology, Linguistics, Archaeology, Architecture/Urban Planning, Development Studies, Philology, Political Science, Environmental Sciences, Philosophy, among others) who find themselves informed by data and experiences in Thailand, Cambodia, and/or Laos. Its website ( and its annual meeting (at the AAS meeting) is a place for these scholars and students to share resources and expertise.

UNESCO Archives Portal (Asia and the Pacific) An international gateway to information for archivists and archives users

UNESCO countries of Asia-Pacific. Has links to UNESCO information on the nations Asia and the Pacific.

Viet-Nam, Laos, Cambodge: Sources et aides a la recherche. Créé en 2002 par Christopher Goscha, le site a été repris et développé depuis 2006 par François Guillemot, ingénieur de recherche à l'IAO (Institut d'Asie Orientale).

World Factbook. Country profiles compiled by the Central Intelligence Agency.

Search also under the Stanford Libraries website for general internet resources for Asia as a whole, many of which include information on Southeast Asia.


The Asia Observer: a start page for Asian Affairs. One may select Southeast Asia as a region or may select separate countries.

Asian Development Bank
Searchable by individual countries.

AsianNet : business information provider includes nations of Southeast Asia.

See How do I find News Sources where Stanford users have available the Global Newsbank and the Academic Universe of Nexis-Lexus which includes news sources from around the world, including Asia/Pacific. The Global Newsbank (1996- ) includes news articles covering politics, economics, culture, business, science, technology, and the environment from around the world, including Asia and the Pacific Rim. All articles are in English and are culled from over 1000 translated broadcasts, news agency transmissions, wire services, newspapers, magazines and government documents.

Kyoto Review of Southeast Asia.

Political Resources on Asia Searchable by individual countries.

Social Policy and governance in East Asia and Pacific Region/ World Bank Group. "This library is a compilation of research, newsletters, and briefs provided by both the World Bank and its partners, broadly defined.

Southeast Asia Resource Action Center (SEARAC) "SEARAC is a national organization advancing the interests of Cambodian, Laotian, and Vietnamese Americans through leadership development, capacity building, and community empowerment. We were founded in 1979 as the Indochina Refugee Action Center (IRAC) to facilitate the relocation of Southeast Asian refugees into American society and foster the development of nonprofit organizations led by and for Southeast Asian Americans."

World Bank. Data, statistics and news for East Asia and Pacific.

World Development Bank East Asia and the Pacific
Searchable by individual countries

IV. SELECTED NEWSPAPERS AND PERIODICALS (see also under names of individual countries)

Asia Times: Southeast Asia

Bangkok Post "The world's window on Thailand and the region."

Borneo Bulletin online ed.

Irrawaddy "Covering Burma and Southeast Asia."

Jakarta Post (Indonesia)

Manila Times

The Nation (Bangkok, Thailand)

New Straits Times (Malaysia)

Philippine Daily Inquirer (INQ7.NET) " Online edition of the daily with news,
analyses, commentaries, and more".

Philippine Star: the Filipino global community.

Phuket Gazette (Thailand)

VN: Vietnam News Net

Viet Nam News: national English language daily (online ed.)

Vientiane Times (Laos)



Brunei Direct

Embassy of Brunei, Washington, D.C.

Government of Brunei official website

World Wide Web Virtual Library: Brunei


Burma Net News

Free Burma Coalition

Free Burma Organization specialising on Burma-related news and issues

Myanmar.Com. "The ultimate guide to Myanmar."

The 'Living' Bibliography of Burma Studies: the secondary literature (2002)

Online Burma/Myanmar Library: World Wide Web Virtual Library.

Selective Works on Myanmar History, Culture, Archaeology and Literature after Independence (a full text database primarily in Burmese hosted by the University of Washington)


Cambodia Development Resource Institute (CDRI Online)

Cambodia Information Center

Cambodia: beauty and darkness -- the odyssey of the Khmer people

Cambodian Genocide Program (Yale University)

Country Study: Cambodia (Library of Congress)

Khmer Rouge Trial Task Force. Web site of the Task Force for Cooperation with Foreign Legal Experts for the Preparation of the Proceedings for the Trial of Senior Khmer Rouge Leaders.

Phnom Penh Post Online Not the full edition reserved for online subscribers.

World Wide Web Virtual Library: Cambodia


CDPM - Comissão para os Direitos do Povo Maubere

Australian government information on East Timor.

East Timor Government.

East Timor Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation.

East Timor Prime Minister and Cabinet.

East Timor and Indonesia on the World-Wide Web.

East Timor on Adminet

East Timor Action Network

Timor Post / East Timor Press. Online English ed. Currently not available.


Country Study: Indonesia (L:ibrary of Congress)

Indonesian Internet sites (National University of Australia)

You really need go no farther. This site includes the following categories:
Arts and Culture, Business and Finance, Education, Gateways,
General, Government and Politics (including statistics),
Library Sources and Other Resources, Maps, News and Media,
Bali, East Timor, Irian Jaya, Kalimantan, Maluku and Sumatra

Statistics Indonesia From BPS (Badan Pusat Statistik), a non-departmental governemnt institution directly responsible to the President of Indonesia.
Site down as of March 2006. See also World Bank site and the Bank Indonesia.

Borneo Bulletin.

Caraka: the messenger: a newsletter for Javanists.

Indonesia volcanoes and volcanics. A USGS site.

Indonesia's tumultuous leadership Presented by Covers Suharto (1949) through Megawati (2006)

World Wide Web Virtual Library: Indonesia

WWW-Virtual Library: History : Indonesia


Country Study: Laos (Library of Congress)

Laos Bibliography (University of Washington)

Lao Study Review

Laos WWW Virtual Library


ALIRAN Online "A Reform movement dedicated to justice, freedom, solidarity."

All Malaysian Websphere. A listing of Malaysian and Malaysia-related website indexes.

Bernama : the Malaysian National News Agency

Central Bank of Malaysia. A good source for information on the Malaysian economy.

Daily Express: independent national newspaper of East Malaysia

Malay Mail.

Dept. of Statistics, Malaysia. Official Website.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Office of the Prime Minister

MyGovernment: the Malaysian Government's official portal.

The Star Online

Universiti Malaysia Sarawak

WWW Virtual Library - Malaysia.


Papua New Guinea Online.Gov. Includes the "Official Government Dept.", information on Papua New Guinea and life in the Pacific, and, the Prime Minister's webpage.

Docs & Info on West Papua Independence Movement. "For a free and indpendent confederation of Papuan tribes."

The e-National

Papua New Guinea Post Courier Online

World Wide Web Virtual Library: Papua New Guinea

WWW-Virtual Library: Paupua (Irian Jaya)


Alleba Filipino Directory - WWW Virtual Library of the Philippines

Country Study: Philippines (Library of Congress)

Official government portal of the Republic of the Philippines.

Socio-economic research portal for the Philippines (Philippine Institute for Development Studies) "An online electronic database of completed, ongoing and pipeline research studies related to economic development and policymaking in the Phlippines."

Sun Star

Sunday Punch

Visayan Daily Star : Negros Island first online newspaper

WWW-Virtual Library: History: Republic of the Philippines


Country Study: Singapore (Library of Congress)

A Sense of History: a select bibliography on the history of Singpore. (National University of Singapore)

Singapore Embassy to the USA.

Singapore Government Online Portal

Singapore Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Singapore Infomap : the national website

Statistics Singapore. Singapore Dept. of Statistics


Bangkok Post

Bank of Thailand

Country Study: Thailand (Library of Congress)

National Statistical Office Thailand.

Thai Journal Index. "The Thai Journal Indexing Project, based at UW Libraries, is part of a cooperative initiative to strengthen access to vernacular journal literature from Southeast Asia."

Thai Khadi Research Institute. Part of Thammasat University, its twin purposes are to conduct its own research as well as undertake joint research with external researchers / research institutes, and to compile research information on Thai studies while providing information to researchers and agencies.

World Bank Thailand Office

Thai Parliament. Serves as a gateway to Thai politics. Includes information on Thai political parties, information on the National Assembly, and the website for the "Library of Parliament."

World Wide Web Virtual Library: Thailand


Communist Party of Vietnam

Country Study: Vietnam (Library of Congress)

Vietnam Democracy Newsletter
Published monthly by the Free Vietnam Alliance (FVA), a coalition of more than 35 Vietnamese democratic movements worldwide. This site unavailable at times.

Political Resources on Vietnam

Vietnam Economic Times

Vietnam War Bibliography

World Bank Vietnam Office

World Wide Web Virtual Library: Viet Nam

VI. Internet Resources for the PACIFIC (Oceania/Pacific Islands in general)

Library of Congress. The Learning page: Internet resources: Australia and Oceania.

Pacific Islands internet resources

University of Hawai. Digital Image Archive. Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands.

World Wide Web Virtual Library: Pacific Studies. Includes pages for:

Cook Islands
Mariana Islands
Marshall Islands
New Caledonia
New Zealand

New Zealand Herald

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