*** Reference Question of the Week - September 27, 2010 ***

Question: Are there computers in Green Library that have software packages such as Microsoft Office and Photoshop?

Answer: Computer Clusters can be found throughout the library. In the IC, there are 30 dual-boot, iMacs (Windows and MacOS).
Note: All machines have CD-RW/DVD drives and USB ports to plug in flash (thumb) drives.

The computer clusters are loaded with a variety of software for MACS and Windows.

Similar clusters can be found in the reading rooms in the Bing Wing.
There are also computer clusters in Green and Meyer libraries with high end multimedia software.

Academic Computing Services publishes current software offerings.

Want to Help Staff the Open House Greeter Table?

Want to staff the greeter table during the Library Open House next week, on Tuesday, Sept. 28? The table is staffed by two people and we change staff each hour. The Open House is from 12 noon to 5pm.

You'll get to meet and greet attendees, give them information about what's happening in the Open House, get them to submit a raffle ticket for some great prizes, and help them sign up for the book scanning robot tours.

We have several times available. Just let me know if you'd like to help and be sure to get approval from your supervisor. My email is

SULAIR Project on Short List for DPC Awards

The Digital Preservation Coalition (DPC) has officially announced the projects which have made the short list for the DPC awards. The “short list” (akin to the nominees for an Academy Award) were announced at the iPres conference earlier today.

I am pleased to pass on the news that Preserving Virtual Worlds, our project with the Univ. of Illinois, Univ. of Maryland, and Rochester Inst. of Technology has been put on the short list for the international Digital Preservation Award. This award is presented in London as part of the Institute of Conservation's (ICon) Conservation Awards.

See the official news release.

Stanford’s work on the project was led by Henry Lowood as curator for history of science & technology collections and film & media collections, and managed by Susan Rojo in HRG, with critical contributions from DLSS and the SDR group.

Concurrent Exhibitions Celebrate Mexico at Green and Bancroft Libraries

Celebrating Mexico Exhibit

Celebrating Mexico, commemorating the bicentennial of Mexico’s independence from Spain and the centennial of the Mexican Revolution, opened Monday, Sept. 20 in the second floor galleries of Green Library’s Bing Wing. A concurrent exhibition opened at UC-Berkeley’s Bancroft Library earlier this month. Both shows run through mid-January 2011.

As part of Mexican Independence Bicentennial events, Curator of Mexican-American and Latin American Collections Adán Griego took to the airwaves twice last week to talk about the exhibit and its historical context. You can listen to Michael Krasny’s interview with Adan for KQED’s Sept. 15 issue of Forum.

On Friday the 17th, KQED’s “The California Report” featured an interview with Adán by host Scott Shafer.

To read about the Celebrating Mexico exhibits, view a gallery of images with text, and learn about the joint catalogue of the show published by SUL and The Bancroft Library, go to the exhibit's Web site. Many thanks to Everardo Rodriguez for building the site.

For you Second Lifers, Deni Wicklund has made it possible for you to tour the exhibit in Second Life.

Better yet, hoof it on over to Green Library to see the analogue version—now through January 16.

*** Reference Question of the Week - September 20, 2010 ***

Question: I want to use my laptop in the library. Are there study areas with outlets where I can plug in my laptop?

Answer: There are several rooms and resource centers in the Bing Wing of Green Library with full wireless access and desks that have outlets for your laptops. Almost every seat in the Bing Wing provides outlets in tabletops and side tables (next to soft seating). In the East Wing on the first floor (Information Center) tables with individual ports at each seat circle the perimeter of the room. Readers with laptop computers can access catalogs, databases, and other electronic resources, including the Internet, from wherever they happen to be working in the library.

Atlases on Display at Branner Library

Branner Library's new exhibit features two vastly different atlases, one designed specifically for "the masses" and the other to be so exclusive that only "1 in 3.3 million people" on the planet will own it.

The Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge in England was formed in 1826 specifically to create works about a variety of subject matter, written in a plain manner and published at a reasonable price allowing for mass readership. The atlas on display is one of the last printed by the group from 1844.

Library Open House Is Next Week!

photo of Green LibraryThe Library Open House is next week, on Tuesday, September 28 from 12 Noon-5p.m.

This year's Library Open House will take place in and around the Green Library East lobby. There will be tables and displays in front of Green Library and in the Green East lobby, highlighting SULAIR's services and resources. Participants will include most of the campus libraries, Special Collections, Digital Humanities, the Media Microtext Center, SULAIR in Second Life, and many more.

Michael Keller will give a talk on "Thoughts on the future of Stanford's libraries," as well as a tour of Green Library. The very popular Robotic Book Scanner tours are back and new demos of tools such as SearchWorks, xSearch, LexisNexis, RefWorks, and Zotero will be presented. See a complete list of the Library Open House events. Music and great raffle prizes will round out the event.

We've attached a PDF of the Open House announcement flier. (See "Attachment" at the end of the article.) Please distribute it to faculty and students and your other Stanford colleagues. You can also direct them to the Library Open House Web site for information about the event.

IT Service Options for Service Interruptions

On Wednesday, September 15, IT Services had an extended outage of the Stanford Voice Mail system. During that outage, we received feedback that some in the community were not aware of the outage and questions arose as to how to stay informed.

Following is a recap of options for you to be informed of, or seek out, information on IT Service service interruptions:

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