Finding Journals Plus Off-Campus Access

Swain Library Journal List: The Swain Library Journal List contains a list of frequently used titles. To make managing this list more sustainable, the hypertext link for a title is now the library catalog record rather than a journal's home page. To browse the contents for a title, please click on the "Find Full-Text" link in the upper left corner of the catalog record. A menu of choices will appear. Note that you can just click on the Go button and don't need to enter a year or volume.

All Journals at Stanford: For a comprehensive list of print and online journals, please check SearchWorks, the Stanford Libraries Catalog. The Stanford University Libraries e-Journals page contains titles that are available online. Tip: after searching a journal name on the SUL e-Journals page, right above the list of titles matching your search results is a "Switch to Detailed View" link that lets you see what years are available online for a title.

Connecting from Off-Campus: To use licensed resources from off-campus, you should do two things. (1) Setup your browser so that you are prompted to enter a SUNet ID when trying to use Stanford licensed content. Please see: SUL Connecting from Off Campus (2) Access a title through the Swain Journal List, SearchWorks, Stanford University Libraries e-Journals page, or a Find it @ Stanford button in database search results as there are often prefixes and suffixes added to the URL for a journal that contain subscription information.

Using Google Scholar: To access Stanford subscriptions when searching Google Scholar, click on “Settings” link in the upper right corner of the page. Next, click on “Library Links” on the left side of the page. Then search “Stanford University” and choose both the Stanford University Libraries (SUL) and Lane Medical options and press the Save button. Including this setting will then add a “Find it at Stanford” link that you can use for viewing the full-text of articles the Stanford Libraries have licensed.

Citation Linker: Have a citation on a printed PDF and want to find the full-text version from Stanford's eJournals list? Enter citation information into the Citation Linker form.

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