Monograph Receiving

Linh Chang
Receiving Librarian
(650) 723-3166
fax: (650) 723-4775

Mausumi Dutta-Mukherjee
Operations Manager, Monograph Receiving
(650) 725-8569
fax: (650) 723-4775

What we do in Monograph Receiving:

The Monograph Receiving Department receives and copy catalogs monographic materials for SUL that have been directly ordered from vendors or publishers, supplied through our approval programs or purchased in other non-standard ways. Monographic materials include books, video and sound recordings, maps, microforms and computer software.

When materials arrive in our department, online receipt is recorded in Symphony and non-complex copy cataloging is done. Materials that we do not copy catalog are received and then routed to the appropriate cataloging unit for cataloging or call number assignment.

A major component of our operation is the "Fast track" program in which bibliographic records, orders and invoices are transmitted to us electronically by vendors. A portion of these books are also delivered shelf ready.

We also maintain the Selector Evaluation Area on Meyer 3rd floor. Materials are sorted and placed on shelves for selectors to review.

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