Latin American & Iberian collections

Stanford’s Latin American library holdings of more than 400,000 volumes offers researches dynamic resources with historical strengths on Brazil, modern Mexico and Chile.
Interest in Brazil dates back to Stanford’s early years and John Casper Branner’s scientific expeditions. The collection is one of the most comprehensive in North America, with a richness of pre-1900 travel accounts. The Lauerhass collection added more than 4000 unique social science and humanities titles.
Mexican visual holdings like the José Guadalupe Posada, Taller de Gráfica Popular and Mexican Movie Posters supplement an active print collection that adds over 9000 new annual titlesPrimary source collections on Mexican Americans in the United States provide a unique focus on the immigrant experience.
Chilean culture is documented through the personal library of Fernando Alegría, leading exile figure and Stanford professor. The 100-box literary archive covers much of the country's socio-political events before the 1973 coup as well as the exile years.
Latin American collections at the Hoover Institution Archives cover unique holdings raging from “peronismo” to the Cuban and Sandinista revolutions.
For a more detailed list of primary collections with online finding aids check here.


Adan Griego

Curator for Latin American, Mexican American & Iberian Collections
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