Books by the Students of Dance 171

Lily Hsu

Jonah Wieder

Yu-Ting Yeh

Nia-Amina Minor

Ivan DeGroote

Rachel Dowling

Andres Cantero

Cuauhtemoc Peranda

During the Fall 2009 quarter, the students of Dance 171: Conversing Across Dance History (led by visiting artist Ralph Lemon and Professor Janice Ross) visited the Art & Architecture Library in order to view a selection of artists' books from the Art Locked Stacks collection.  One of the students' culminating assignments was to create books (or book-like objects) that distilled their class experiences in some way.  Inspired by the range of bindings, formats, and themes they saw during their library visit, they created a unique and highly personal set of works. 

Also on display in the reading room: three artists' books from the Art Locked Stacks collection that tell stories, either true or fantastical.  In It Wasn't Little Rock, Clarissa Sligh writes of her experiences as a high school student in still-segregated 1950s Virginia.  Her autobiographical account is punctuated with stories of her mother and siblings and their responses to the same conditions.  Sieben auf einen Streich: sieben M  ärchen der Br  ü  der Grimm includes seven of the Brothers Grimm's fairy tales set in modern Helvetica type and illustrated with semi-abstract, macabre etchings by Eckhard Froeschlin.  Finally, Emily Tipps and Damien Jay reimagine Robert Louis Stevenson's Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde as Heidi and Jane: A Curious Case.  Small letterpressed cards illustrate the good deeds--and misdeeds--of a school-aged girl with two identities, one mischievous, one well behaved.















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