Finding Articles, Reviews, and Chapters/Essays within Collected Works

In the academic world the term “database” usually refers to specific resources that retrieve items—usually from the periodical literature—not usually listed in a library’s online catalog. Databases are typically oriented toward specific subjects, and therefore they can go into far more specificity than Stanford's own online catalog (SearchWorks/Socrates) can. While journal articles are the most common items to be included in databases, many also include citations (i.e., listings for and descriptions of) for book and exhibition reviews and for chapters or essays within anthologies.

Tips for using databases

1. Start on the Databases page, linked from SULAIR’s home page. The list of subjects is a useful place for beginning research; for art start in Art, Architecture and Design.

2. After selecting a relevant database, treat your search similarly to how you would search in SearchWorks. Most databases are structured in essentially the same way, though often with their own proprietary sets of keywords and subject headings.

Suggested databases

Visual Arts

General Academic and News

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