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SC0367_96-062_b3_f11_i005.jpg In honor of Stanford's 13th trip to the Rose Bowl we would like to highlight some of the historic Rose Bowl materials in our collections now available online:

Programs (1902-2000)
Photos (1902-1972)

Mendeley Releases Open Source Citation Style Editor

Mendeley small.png
Open Source Citation Editing Tool
Over the past year Mendeley has collaborated with Columbia University Libraries on a project funded by the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation to create a new open source CSL Editor. It's the first true 'what-you-see-is-what-you-get' (WYSIWYG) citation style editor for open source CSL citation styles. This open source tool is now integrated into the latest release of Mendeley Desktop. The code for the CSL Editor is available under the MIT license.

Read more about it on the Mendeley Blog:

EIAJ Refurbishment Project: Cleaning and Relubricating our Sony AV-3650

Although much of our time at SMPL is spent digitizing and working with library collections, part of our work involves seeking out legacy equipment that can be refurbished and installed in our labs for use in our reformatting work. In 2011, we were fortunate to find a working ½” EIAJ machine for sale. Knowing that it would need some work before it could be used, it lay tucked away until last month when we received funding to start work on restoration.

Winter Closure 2012-2013 Dates Announced!

This year's Winter Closure dates are Monday, December 24, 2012 through Friday, January 4, 2013. Special Collections will reopen for business as usual on Monday, January 7, 2013.

Happy Holidays from Special Collections!

Stanford-Binet Intelligence Scale Form L-M Test Kit

Researchers interested in Lewis M. Terman and the history of IQ testing can view the following recent addition the Stanford University Objects Collection: a 1960 Revision Houghton Mifflin Stanford-Binet Intellegence Scale test kit, L-M form. This mobile test is housed in a portable suitcase and contains test manuals written by Lewis M. Terman and Maud A. Merrill, various puzzles and tests for children, instructions for administering the test, and scoring procedures.


Stanford University Libraries acquire the archives of leading environmentalist William McDonough

Courtesy of William A. McDonough

William McDonough is one of the superstars of the environmental movement. Time magazine heralded him as a "Hero for the Planet" in 1999. President Clinton awarded him the Presidential Award for Sustainable Development in a 1996 White House ceremony. McDonough is the only individual to receive the award, the nation's top environmental honor. Now the man who has been called the leading environmental architect of our time will be donating his extensive archive and professional papers to Stanford University Libraries. (Read more)

Water challenges viability of energy projects – IEA

Summarized from
Environmental Finance News
13 November 2012

Energy production accounted for 15% of the world’s total water use in 2010 according to the IEA’s (International Energy Agency) most recent annual World Energy Outlook report.
The sector’s water consumption is set to increase 85% by 2035, as demand for power rises by more than a third, and thirstier types of energy production, such as fossil fuels and biofuels, are increasingly used.

Final Month of the KNOVEL Challenge. Let's get Stanford on the Leaderboard!

Leaderboard Update -- Only One Month Left

November is the last month for this year's Knovel University Challenge, but there are still 4 weeks to win prizes! Here are some highlights from October:

Oklahoma State University has taken the #1 spot on the Leaderboard, with over 400 students participating.
8 Schools have already qualified for the Contest-Within-The-Contest there's only 2 spots left!
Nanyang Technological University and Yuan Ze University have both entered into the Contest-Within-the-Contest, giving Asia a firm representation on the Leaderboard.

Check out the contest and play to be entered in a raffle to win prizes:

700 Images Added to Stanford Digital Repository

Mt_Erebus.jpgpc0147_b1_i006.jpgsc0376_b1_f16_i005.jpgStanford Prison ExperimentRBC_TR140M98_1878_FF_image01.jpgTR140_97_010.jpg

Art in A Digital Age--Friday, November 2, 2012

Art Digital.jpg
One-day conference featuring artists, scholars, and institutional leaders discussing the nature of art in a digital age. How are habits, institutions, and arts practices changing? How does the digital realm inform our experience of older art forms? What role can the academy play in both developing new work and fostering critical engagement with new arts practices?

Friday, November 2, 2012
9:30am- 5:00pm
Huang Center
Mackenzie Room (Room 300)

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