Writing for the web resources

April 12, 2012
Ray Heigemeir

The Online Experience Group is increasing its focus on enabling content creators to author clear, concise content for the new website. While an exact date is not yet set, technical developments are progressing at a pace that will soon allow content creators to access the site, update existing content and build new pages. In the spirit of laying “fresh eyes” on current content and developing good habits for continual content review and updating, we recommend the following e-resources on writing effective web content. It's never too early to review and revise content intended for the new site.

Redish, Janice (Ginny). Letting go of the words: writing Web content that works

Ginny Redish’s website also contains good information on writing fo the Web.

The US Government’s Plain Language website may sound like an oxymoron, but it provides guidelines for and examples of good, plain writing for a mass audience.

ALSO: The Online Experience Group is looking for an amateur photographer to join the Image Group. Please contact Mike Nack (mnack@stanford.edu) to learn more and to express your interest.