Four new digital collections added to SearchWorks

Four new digital collections are now available in SearchWorks. These collections take advantage of SearchWorks' ability to provide users with rich discovery and access capabilities for finding and working with digital collection content.

Bucky Conversations: Conversations on the Life and Work of an Enigmatic Genius, 2002-2003 - Collection contact: Glynn Edwards

Abstract: In 2002, to celebrate the acquisition of the Fuller archive, the Stanford University Libraries and the Stanford Humanities Laboratory launched a series of Conversations on R. Buckminster Fuller, alias "Bucky, " inventor of the Dymaxion car, the Dymaxion Dwelling Unit, and the geodesic dome, author of Utopia or Oblivion, 4D Timelock, Synergetics, Tetrascroll and Critical Path. The series consists of filmed interviews with Fuller's key collaborators, interlocutors and contemporaries, and is designed to enhance critical understanding of this enigmatic polymath.

Visitations - Collection contact: Jon Manton

Abstract: Audio, video, score, libretto and performance materials for Visitations, chamber operas by Jonathan Berger.

Papers from the Gimon Conference on French Political Economy, April 2004 - Collection contact: Sarah Sussman

Abstract: Papers from an international conference sponsored by the Stanford University Libraries and the France-Stanford Center for Interdisciplinary Studies in honor of SUL's acquisition of the Gustave Gimon Collection on French Political Economy.

Undergraduate and Graduate Theses, Department of Anthropology - Collection contact: Regina Roberts

Abstract: Honors theses written by undergraduate students and masters theses written by graduate students in the Stanford University Department of Anthropology.

The integration of digital collections into SearchWorks means that items from collections containing digital material can be discovered in the course of searching and browsing through the totality of Stanford's vast library catalog.

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