Digital collections added into SearchWorks during July 2015

Three new digital collections were added to SearchWorks during the month of July. This brings the total number of digital collections available in SearchWorks to 93. The collections recently added are:

Title: A tide prediction and tide height control system for laboratory mesocosms

Abstract: Software code to accompany the manuscript "A tide prediction and tide height control system for laboratory aquaria" by L.P. Miller and J. D. Long

Collection contact: Amy Hodge

Title: Terry Smythe AMICA collection

Abstract: Digitized copies of the AMICA Bulletin, 1964 - present. The current year's issues are embargoed until the following year.

Collection contact: Jon Manton

Title: People's Computer Company

Abstract: The People’s Computer Company (PCC) was founded by Bob Albrecht and George Firedrake in Menlo Park, California. In the first issue of People’s Computer Company, published in 1972, they described the PCC as a “place to play with computers” and to “learn how to use computers.” The PCC took on the mission of extending access to computers and bring “computers to the people.” An important part of this mission was the publication of a newsletter/magazine. Called People’s Computer Company, People’s Computers, or Recreational Computing at various times in its history, the newsletter played an important role in areas such as computer games, computer education, and promotion of the BASIC programming language.

Collection contact: Henry Lowood

The integration of digital collections into SearchWorks means that items from collections containing digital material can be discovered in the course of searching and browsing through the totality of Stanford's vast library catalog.

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