Linking your SUNet ID and your ORCID iD

June 16, 2021
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Today we are pleased to highlight a major enhancement to Stanford’s research information ecosystem: the ability to link a SUNet ID with an ORCID iD via

This development allows Stanford community members to leverage ORCID iDs, a unique identifier for researchers across the globe, to get credit for their work and streamline their workflows. links a SUNet ID to an ORCID iD. This lets Stanford applications see and use a researcher’s ORCID iD. As ORCID iDs become increasingly widespread, this is an important capability for offices that need to track and report on ORCID iDs--e.g., for recipients of NIH training grants, and other award types where ORCID iDs are a federal requirement.

In May 2021, was enhanced to let users grant Stanford systems the ability to write to their ORCID record. Very soon, this can be used to automatically populate publication data from Stanford Profiles to ORCID records, giving users a richer ORCID record and avoiding duplicate data entry and reducing administrative burden. 

The development and enhancements of were completed as part of the Stanford ORCID Initiative, a University-wide endeavor to promote and leverage ORCID iDs at Stanford. University IT developed and enhanced at the encouragement of the Dean of Research, and in close collaboration with the Stanford Libraries and Stanford Medicine.

As part of the Stanford ORCID Initiative, we are working to support all Stanford researchers (faculty, staff, postdocs, grad students) to claim, configure and link their ORCID iD. In November 2020, the Faculty Senate passed a resolution stating that all members of the Academic Council will obtain an ORCID iD. ORCID is an independent non-profit organization formed through partnership among research institutions, publishers and funders, with a mission to connect research and researchers. ORCID iDs and records are created and controlled by each individual researcher.


This post was co-authored with Zach Chandler, Director of Research Information Technology and Innovation in the Office of the Dean of Research. 

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