Data We Love - Day 1

February 13, 2023
Hannah Frost

Welcome to the “Data We Love” blog series! In honor of #LoveDataStanford during Love Data Week 2023, we are highlighting five data sets in the Stanford Digital Repository (SDR) that stand out and deserve a shoutout for being especially loveable!

Starting today, and continuing every day through Friday of this week, a short blog post with embedded slides will reveal the data set and the reason why we love it and think you should love it too! So much remarkable research happens at Stanford and results in data that finds a home at the Stanford Digital Repository. It’s really not hard for us to find samples of lovely data to celebrate!

Let’s kick off the series with an exceptional example of data that is impactful!

Impressed by the impactfulness? Check out all the data of the Boehm Research Group in the SDR. And here you can go directly to slides embedded above.

This series is brought to you by the Stanford Digital Repository service team. Special thanks to co-producer Regina Roberts and editor Amy Hodge.