President Harrison ephemera

February 11, 2013
Concert of welcome tendered to Hon. Benjamin Harrison, President of the United States, by the Hon. Senator and Mrs. Leland Stanford, at their residence... April 29, 1891. 1pp., printed on a thick card. Printed program; music preformed by the University Brass Band of Mayfield, CA.

The Stanford University Archives is pleased to announce the acquisition of a small collection of ephemera documenting President Benjamin Harrison's epic 1891 cross-country railroad journey through nineteen states. The journey covered nearly 10,000 miles, during which time the President made nearly 150 speeches, which were later published in a volume compiled by a correspondent from the New York Mail and Express who accompanied the President's party. 

The majority of the items in this collection relate to Harrison's time in the West, particularly California. In chronological order, the items are as follows:

1) Tour of President to the Pacific Coast, April 14th to May 16th, 1891. Itinerary. [8]pp. plus folding map. Booklet containing President Harrison's planned itinerary for the entirety of his journey. It includes stops in nineteen states and territories, covers four time zones, and totals 9,232 miles. The itinerary notes the arrival and departure time for each location, as well as the population as of the 1890 Census. The map is titled the same as the booklet and shows the route of the President's train.

2) [Menu for April 17, 1891, aboard the Pullman dining car "Coronado"]. April 17, 1891. 1pp., printed on a thick card.

3) A happy greeting in San Diego, California... 2pp. on a folded card. Printed in red, blue, and gold. A wonderful and remarkable welcome souvenir, prepared by the black population of San Diego: "In behalf of our race, we, the colored people of San Diego, with a firm reliance upon Divine Providence for his care for us as American Citizens, in the full construction of its meaning, hail this greeting with a firmness that this continent is the land of a free people. Our Declaration of Independence and Constitution is the text book of freedom - the bible of the rights of man forever. The dead of our battle-fields declare it, such is the message they bring us." Also includes a word of greeting by the Rev. G.W. Brown, Chairman of the Committee.

4) Visit of the President of the United States Benjamin F. Harrison, to Sutro Heights. San Francisco, California, April 27th, 1891. Luncheon. Bill of fare [caption title]. April 27, 1891. 4pp. plus place card of E.F. Tibbott. With envelope. Multi-colored crest above the title showing a worker swinging a pick axe with the motto "Labor Vincit Omnia" (Labor Conquers All). Page four has an illustration of two sea lions.

5) Reception to the President and Mrs. Harrison. Palace Hotel, San Francisco. April 27, 1891. 1pp., 5 x 6 inches, printed on silk. With a plain envelope. Dinner to take place from nine to eleven o'clock.

6) [Printed seating arrangement for the above-mentioned dinner, completed in manuscript]. 1pp., 4 1⁄4 x 6 inches, printed on a stiff card. Shows the seat of Mr. E.F. Tibbott for the dinner at the Palace Hotel.

7) To meet the Presient & Mrs. Harrison, Mr. & Mrs. Leland Stanford request the pleasure of your company... [engraved invitation]. April 28, 1891. 1pp. To take place at the southwest corner of California and Powell Streets, San Francisco.

8) Concert of welcome tendered to Hon. Benjamin Harrison, President of the United States, by the Hon. Senator and Mrs. Leland Stanford, at their residence... April 29, 1891. 1pp., printed on a thick card. Printed program; music preformed by the University Brass Band of Mayfield, CA.

9) [Ornate, full-color menu for the Hotel Del Monte in Monterey]. April 30, 1891. 4pp. in stiff printed wrappers, stitched with a thick, red, white and blue cord. The front cover has Harrison's portrait set in an oval and crested with an American flag and a perched eagle, the whole nestled in a backdrop of picturesque California scenery. An extensive wine list and the menu occupy the two inner pages. J.M. Rusk, Harrison's Secretary of Agriculture has signed the first page, and there are three signatures on the final page, including that of Mary Scott Dimmick, who became Harrison's second wife. Tibbott's hand-colored place card is also included.

10) [Engraved admission ticket for a banquet at the Palace Hotel in San Francisco]. May 1, 1891. 1pp. No. 120, completed in manuscript with Tibbott's name.

11) [Invitatiion to a reception at the  Union League Club in San Francisco]. May 2, 1891. 1pp. on a folded leaf. With a plain envelope and Tibbott's admission ticket. From eight to ten p.m.

12) [Engraved invitation to a banquet at the Palace Hotel, tendered by the citizens of San Francisco in the President's honor]. May 2, 1891. 1pp. on a stiff card. Completed in manuscript with Tibbott's name. With a plain envelope. Beginning at seven o'clock.

13) [Menu for dinner at "The Portland" in Portland, OR]. May 5, 1891. 1pp., on heavy paper. Printed in red with gilt and glitter decoration in top left corner.

14) SOUVENIR PROGRAMME. PRESIDENT HARRISON'S RECEPTION, MAY 6th, 1891. SEATTLE, WASHINGTON [cover title]. May 6, 1891. 4pp., measuring 4 x 51⁄2, printed on a folded piece of silk. In a folded leather cover. Contains the President's itinerary while in Seattle; with Harrison's portrait printed on the first page.

15) Reception to the President. Seattle, Washington. May 6, 1891 [cover title]. May 6, 1891. 4pp., measuring 5 x 4 inches, printed on a folded card. Original albumen photograph (2 x 3 inches) showing Washington state scenery mounted to front cover. With a plain envelope and an admission ticket. Contains the program for the President's reception and is signed by the Chairman of the Committee, William R. Bentley.

16) Itinerary. The President's special train. Denver and Rio Grande, May 1891 [cover title]. May 9-12, 1891. 4pp. in printed wrappers. Contains the President's itinerary for the journey from Salt Lake City to Denver aboard the Denver & Rio Grande Railroad line. Includes elevation for each destination.

17) [Menu for dinner at The Antlers in Colorado Springs]. May 11, 1891. 1pp., printed on green silk and mounted to a stiff green card. Vignette of the U.S. Signal Station at the summit of Pike's Peak at top of menu; hand-colored American flag painted on card at top left corner.

18) [Dinner menu for May 13, 1891, aboard the Pullman Dining Car "Coronado"]. May 13, 1891. 1pp., printed on a thick card.

19) [Dinner menu for May 14, 1891, aboard the Pullman Dining Car "Coronado"]. May 14, 1891. 1pp., printed on a thick card.

20) [Final au revoir dinner menu for May 15, 1891, aboard the Pullman Dining Car "Coronado"]. May 15, 1891. 2pp., in stiff printed wrappers, tied with a red, white and blue cord. Final menu for the President's journey. The cover is printed with portraits of President and Mrs. Harrison, floating over an image of the Capitol building and watched over by a woman personifying America.

21) [Typed letter, signed, from William R. Worrall to  E.F. Tibbott regarding a presentation copy of a volume of the President's speeches]. Sept. 29, 1891. 1pp. Folio. Old fold lines. Minor soil. Very good. Letter from William R. Worrall at the MAIL AND EXPRESS in New York City forwarding a presentation copy of John S. Shriver's compilation of Harrison's speeches from the cross-country train trip.

22) [Albumen photograph of Benjamin Harriosn with a baby]. undated. Photograph, 4 1⁄2 x 3 1⁄2 inches.

23) Through the South and West with the President. April 14 - May 15, 1891. The only complete and authorized collection of President Harrison's speeches made during the tour. Compiled by John S. Shriver. New York. 1891. xvi,152pp. plus folding map. Folio. This volume of the President's speeches, referred to in item no. 21, is marked as "Presentation Copy" on the front cover. The map shows the route of the President's trip across the country.