(in brackets): new Spotlight exhibit just posted!

January 21, 2021
Laura Wilsey
sample slate

Special Collections is excited to make available a new Spotlight exhibit site: (in brackets) by Gavin Younge: Know Their Names - Youth Uprising in Cape Town, South Africa.

Stanford Libraries first acquired the records of Art Com in 1997; they are held in the Department of Special Collections. This collection included an exhibit called {in brackets} by Gavin Younge.

Educator, artist, and author Gavin Younge created this exhibit dedicated to the 92 individuals murdered by the police during the Soweto Uprising in Cape Town in 1976. The age range of those killed were between 11 and 45; most of them were 25 and younger.

The original exhibit, (in brackets), was shown in 1977 at the exhibition space at La Mamelle, a San Francisco, California non-profit arts organization that ran from 1975 through 1995. La Mamelle supported live art, video and electronic media art, exhibitions, and a bookstore. In 1980, La Mamelle renamed their organization Art Com.

The Spotlight exhibit provides an in-depth overview of the exhibit and its inception, images of the slates themselves, information about Gavin Younge, and information about a Wikidata project that we embarked upon in order to ensure that the names of those killed during the uprising will not be forgotten. 

You can access the Spotlight exhibit here. An accompanying Story Map was created for this project and can be accessed here.

Thanks to everyone who contributed to the various portions of this project - it was truly a team effort!