Tim Page and Vietnam photographs in Special Collections

September 20, 2022
Benjamin Lee Stone
Image of Limited edition Tim Page's 'NAM box set

Noted British-Australian war photographer Tim Page passed away on August 22, 2022.  Page is best known for his powerful photographs documenting the Vietnam conflict, which he covered for Time and‌ Life magazines, U.P.I., Paris Match and The Associated Press.  As noted by Seth Mydans in his obituary for Page in the New York Times, Page's "photography was notable for its raw drama and its intimacy with danger, the product of the risks he took to immerse himself in combat."

Page compiled a selection of his Vietnam photos, coupled with text, in his 1983 book Tim Page's NAM; Stanford's Department of Special Collections holds a limited edition box set of photographic prints that made up Page's book:

"Tim Page's Nam set is a unique box set created to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the original publishing date of the set. It includes 41 prints; a CibaChrome Set hand printed by Chroma Color in Adelaide by Peter Williamson. There are 25 box sets in this limited edition; Stanford has set 9 of 25."