Monterey Jazz Festival complete programs and posters now available online through Searchworks

February 20, 2020
Nathan Coy
Monterey Jazz Festival Programs

The Archive of Recorded Sound with support from the Monterey Jazz Festival has just released the full run of the Monterey Jazz Festival programs and posters to Searchworks, and better yet, they are world accessible. 

The Archive of Recorded Sound is excited to share that we now provide online access to the complete run of Monterey Jazz Festival programs and posters up to this year. The posters provide insight in to the changes in design from 1958 to today and the programs (which are fully browsable) allow for discovering who was performing at the different festivals, provide excellent writing about the artists, and enable insight into the history of the festival through first hand examination. If you have other research questions related to the Monterey Jazz Festival more can be found in the archival collection, and we are alays available to help researchers find their way.