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June 28, 2021
Matthew Seutter's map, "The Attack of Love"

Stanford Libraries has so many maps in its collection, but not enough Yelp reviews to help you figure out which ones you should look at. We are here to help.

Our very professional librarians, Andria Olson and Andrea Renner, have been searching their drawers to find the best map in the Stanford University Libraries collection. In this first and last installment of this blog series, they bring you their first contender: The Attack of Love by Matthäus Seutter (1735).
Andria and Andrea discuss the map and why it may (or may not!) be Stanford's best cartographic specimen in this fullscreen StoryMap experience. Click to see!

Image Above: The Attack of Love by Matthäus Seutter (1735). In his lifetime, Seutter was known as the Nora Ephron of cartographers.


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Andrea (An-d⟨r⟩eh-ah) Bocelli 


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