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Special, Unique, and Rare! Technology on March 7

Zonca, Vittorio. Nouo teatro di machine et edificii. Padua, 1621.
March 3, 2023
by Sarah B Sussman

The Humanities and Area Studies curators are organizing a monthly pop-up exhibit series highlighting the depth and diversity of Stanford Libraries' collections.

Presenting “Digitization Exemplars”: a new resource for SUL staff and our collaborators

The header, Digitization Exemplars, appears against a background depicting various tools used as part of the digital imaging process. -
February 2, 2023
by Hannah Frost

Digital Library Systems and Services (DLSS) has published a new reference resource about the work we produce in digitization services: Digitization Exemplars. This exhibit features an array of examples of each of the kinds of materials that we digitally reformat in our various labs.

Special, Unique, and Rare! Passion on February 7th

L'Espion Libertin Ou Le Calendrier Du Plaisir, 1803.
January 31, 2023
by Sarah B Sussman
It's February - the month of romance. Tuesday, February 7th, from 2-4PM in the Hohbach Seminar Room (126) stop by our latest pop-up exhibit to find your PASSION.  

Exploring Alessandro Grandi's 1625 Celesti Fiori

Crossing arches, Saint Mark's Basilica, Venice
January 20, 2023
by Ray Heigemeir

Guest blogger: Zachary Haines

In 1619, there was a great theft in the city of Venice. Over the course of two to three years in St. Mark’s Basilica, a singer named Leonardo Simonetti likely heard and sang the beautiful music of his colleague, Alessandro Grandi. In secret, Simonetti acquired the drafts of these songs and edited them into a collection of motets which were then printed under the title Celesti Fiori.

Dance with Death at Green Library on Oct. 31, 2022

Two skeletons seated in the library
November 1, 2022
by Kathleen M Smith

In celebration of Halloween–and to encourage us all to look up from our phones and laptops–Green Library was visited by several skeletons on Monday, October 31, to bring to life the Dance of Death.

Two skeletons at the top of a staircase

Stanford Libraries 2022 #ColorOurCollections

February 8, 2022

Attention all artists and coloring book enthusiasts! The Stanford Libraries 2022 #Color our Collections coloring book is here. Culled from digitized images from Stanford Digital Repository, the coloring book consists of 14 sheets that highlight an eclectic range of subjects and styles from our collection.

Connecting to the 1594 English Geneva Bible

Book spine
January 11, 2022
by Ray Heigemeir

Guest blogger : Daniel Koplitz

As I cradle the book in my hands, flecks of its leathered paper-board cover release into the free air. Carried affectionately like dandelion wisps in the summer breeze, the flecks disperse from the margins of their centuries-old home and, fearing nothing, return to the very dust of matter from which they were born. I’m reminded in this seeing and feeling of my own mortality, my impermanent nature. I recognize myself in these flecks, not knowing how or why but that we are undeniably connected.

Digitization collaboration with National Central Library of Taiwan completed

Chinese rare book scanning
January 5, 2022
by Hannah Frost

Chinese studies scholars and Stanford Libraries are celebrating the digitization of a selection of Chinese rare books in a collaboration with the National Central Library of Taiwan (NCL). As mentioned in a previous blog post introducing the 6 month long project, a selection of 210 volumes from 26 titles in the holdings of the East Asia Library and the Bowes Art & Architecture Library were digitized by Digital Production Group (DPG) and then delivered to NCL for its Rare Books Database in November to complete the project. This post is authored by Zhaohui Xue, Chinese Studies Librarian, and guest blogger Katharine Dimitruk, who coordinated the digitization project.