Geospatial Training at SU

xSearch Music Databases

xSearch for music subject databases.


SUL Accession Number Generator

Use to generate accession numbers for for various non-print materials

Email Programs at Stanford


Stanford provides support (documentation and consulting help) for a variety of popular email programs. You can use any kind of email program you choose, but it must be compatible with Stanford's computing infrastructure and meet Stanford's email security requirements. Stanford can provide only limited, "best effort" assistance for unsupported email programs.

Essential Stanford Software

What is ESS?

ESS is a collection of applications that will help you plug into the Stanford network (SUNet) and access University computing services safely and securely.

How to or How do I?


SUL Expert Partners

This is the home page for the Stanford University Library Expert Partners.

The Library Expert Partner Program

We are Library staff who have taken on the responsibility of being the initial point-of-contact for technical problems in their respective units or departments. This responsibility encompasses a wide variety of hardware and software support. Once a commitment is made by the staff member, they are required to attend monthly EP meetings, enroll for and attend various ITS Training sessions and engage the SUL Tech Support group for technical support as needed.

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CRC Handbook of Chemistry & Physics online

HBCP Online provides the most comprehensive and current source of physical and chemical data available online!

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