Imagining Maritime Spaces Exhibition at David Rumsey Map Center


Dates Duration 
December 7, 2022 to February 10, 2023

Imagining Maritime Spaces draws together maps of the world’s oceans and seas to explore how cartographers, navigators, and others have historically come to know and to represent these dynamic spaces. Charts, tools, and other visualizations illustrate elements of navigation by stars, winds, and waves, exploration of unknown waters and depths, and shifting coasts. This exhibit coincides with the Computational Archaeology & Seafaring Theory Workshop being sponsored by the Archaeology Center and collaborating centers and institutions both on and beyond campus. The exhibition was curated by Justin Leidwanger, Beth Minney and Nicole Constantine; it was coordinated and mounted by Kristina Larsen.  The exhibition opens at the same time as the Micronesian Seafaring System talk and can be viewed during the Center's open hours until Feb 10, 2023.