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Course guides

Library resources to support coursework: selected by subject specialists in collaboration with instructors.

Our guides are in transition. We are updating all our course and topic guides over the next few months, to make them easier to use and ensure the content is current.

Spring 2020 guides

Previous term guides

Course number Term Guide Instructor
GS 1 Winter 2017 GS 1: Introduction to Geology Sperling, E.
PWR 2CK Fall 2013 Speaking Out: Claiming Citizenship, Demanding Rights Kamrath, C.
ENGR 202W Autumn, Winter, Spring ENGR 202W: Technical writing Harrison, K
CHEM 132 Winter Quarter 2018 Organic Chemistry Laboratory Brennan, M. K.
EARTH 117/EARTHSYS 117/ESS 117 Fall 2016 EARTH 117/EARTHSYS 117/ESS 117: Earth Sciences of the Hawaiian Islands Cina, S.; Fendorf, S.; Maples, S.; Petterson, R.; Reineman, A.; Reineman, D.; Vitousek, P.; Francis, E.
Sociology 200 - Seminar Fall 2013 Sociology 200 Saperstein, A.
GS 150/GEOPHYS 199 Fall 2016 GS 150/GEOPHYS 199: Senior Seminar: Issues in Earth Sciences Bird, D and Sleep, N
CSRE 55M: Mellon Mays Undergraduate Fellowship Seminar Fall 2012 CSRE 55M: MMUF Seminar Dr. Jose David Saldivar with Cristina Lash (TA)
ARTHIST 1B Fall 2016 Introduction to the Visual Arts: Renaissance to the Present Nemerov, A.
CHEMENG 25E / ENG 25E Winter 2019 CHEMENG 25E: Energy: Chemical transformations for production, storage, and use Jaramillo, T. F.
PWR 1AH The Rhetoric of American Multicultural Experience Heredia, A.
PWR 1GTJ Spring 2013 Rhetoric of the Unruly: Iconoclasts and Their Controversies Jimenez, T.
PWR 1GCA Spring 2013 AH! Real Monsters: The Rhetoric of Monstrosity in Popular Culture Awkward-Rich, C.
GS 55Q Winter 2017 GS 55Q: The California Gold Rush Dennis K Bird
SLE Winter 2020 SLE: Renaissance and Baroque Paintings J. Sabol
CHEM 24N Spring 2015 CHEM 24N: Nutrition and history Huestis, W.
PWR 1JPA Autumn 2018 The rhetoric of a liberal arts education Peterson, J.
SOC 151 / 251 Spring 2017 From Cradle to Grave: How Demographic Processes Shape the Social World - Sociology 151/ 251 Saperstein, A.
FEMST 109 Spring 2013 Looking Back, Moving Forward: Raising Critical Awareness in Gender and Sports Myers, K.
SLE Spring 2013 SLE: Karl Marx Watkins, G.
EARTH 100 Spring 2019 EARTH 100: Research preparation for undergraduates Saltzman, J
SOC 180A/280A Spring 2013 Foundations of Social Research Soc 180A/280A Roy
CHEM 137 Spring 2017 CHEM 137: Special topics in organic chemistry Trost, B.
UAR 43 Summer/Fall 2019 Leland Scholars Program
PWR 1SC Fall 2018 Banksy, B-girls, and the Rhetoric of Public Space Art Schwartz, S.
PWR 1CW Spring 2017 Sporting Rhetoric: Power, Performance. Profit and Politics Wright, C.
CHEMENG 170 Fall 2017 CHEMENG 170: Kinetics and reactor design Bent, S.
MLA 102 Fall 2016 The Long Nineteenth Century Paulson, L.
PWR 1MS Spring 2017 Seeing Nature: The Power of Environmental Visual Rhetoric Stroud, M.
ESF 4/4A Fall 2013 Learning to Change Driscoll and Shirazi
PWR 2ZS Spring 2014 Designing Memorials: Building Rhetoric into Commemoration Sifuentes, Z.
PWR 1GAL Spring 2014 The Rhetoric of Disgust Law, A.
PWR 1GGZ Winter 2014 The Rhetoric of Race in American Cinema Garza, A.
PWR 2CAB Winter 2014 Rhetoric of Gender and Technology Alfano
CLASSGEN 61N Winter Classical California Grant Parker
Think 22 Winter 2014 Think 22: Who Owns the Past? Archaeology, Heritage and Global Conflicts Carter, Tara and Hodder, Ian
FILMSTUD 4 Winter 2014 Introduction to Film Studies Levi, P.
CHEMENG 80Q Spring 2017 CHEMENG 80Q: Art, Chemistry, and Madness: The Science of Art Materials Frank, C. & Loesch-Frank, S.
PWR 1BR Spring 2014 Healthy or Cutthroat: The Rhetoric of Competition Richardson, B.
PWR 2MS Spring 2014 Musical Parodies, Political Satire, & Late-Night Comedy: The Rhetoric of Humor Stroud, M.
PWR 1GMH Spring 2014 Transformative Turns: The Rhetoric of Revolution Hernandez, M.
COMM 143, 243 Spring 2014 Communication 143/243 Communication Policy and Regulation James T. Hamilton, Anita Varma (TA)
HIST 215: Saints and Sinners: Women and Religion in the Medieval World Introduction to Medieval Studies Resources
ARTHIST 1A Winter 2020 Introduction to the Visual Arts: Prehistoric to Medieval Pentcheva, B.
Bing Honors College English Fall 2019 Bing Honors College English Alice Staveley
PWR 1KC Fall 2014 Rhetoric of Gender and Sexuality in Popular Culture Karli Cerankowski
PWR 1EV Autumn 2014 The Rhetoric of Globalization Vanden Bussche, Eric
PWR 1GMC Spring 2017 Dancing about Architecture: Or Finding Words for the Wordless Moyer, Gabrielle
TAPS 1 Spring 2018 Introduction to theater and performance studies Diana Looser
PWR 1AB Winter 2018 Podcasts to Broadcasts: The Rhetoric of Radio Angela Becerra Vidergar
PWR 2JPA Winter 2016 How we got schooled: the rhetoric of literacy and education Peterson, J.
WISE 162W Spring 2016 English 162-W: Novels vs. dinosaurs: narratives of evolution in 19th century British literature and science Abigail Droge
AMSTUD 121Z: Political Power in American Cities (POLISCI 121, PUBLPOL 133, URBANST 111) Winter 2017 Political Power in American Cities Clayton Nall
CHEM 181 (CHEMENG 181, CHEMENG 281) Fall 2018 Biochemistry Cegelski, L.
PWR 1 LF Fall 2018 The new normal: the rhetoric of disability Felt, L.
ESF 10/10A Fall 2016 Unintended Consequences Yamboliev, I
CSRE 260, HISTORY 260, URBANST 169 Autumn 2016 California's Minority Majority Cities McKibben, Carol
PWR 1MR Spring 2018 "Did you hear that?" The rhetoric of the ghost story Mackenzie Russell
PWR 1LPG Spring 2017 Power Lines and Water Pipes: writing the global city through infrastructure Poggiali, L
BIO 46 Winter 2017 Introduction to research in ecology and evolutionary biology Jessica Coyle
TAPS Honors Winter 2017 TAPS Honors Seminar Diana Looser
English 162W-1 Spring 2017 Sexuality and story in the Enlightenment Erik Johnson
BIO 2N Spring 2017 Ecology and evolution of infectious disease in a changing world Erin Mordecai
ARTHIST 600 Autumn Art history bibliography and library methods. D. Vanessa Kam
BIO 199W Winter 2020 Senior Honors Thesis: How to Effectively Write about Scientific Research Jamie Imam
Music 40, Music 41, Music 42 Resources for Music 40-41-42
PWR 2JJ Spring 2020 The Rhetoric of Language, Identity and Power Johnson, Jennifer
AFRICAAM 155J, CSRE 155J, FEMGEN 155J, GERMAN 155 Winter 2020 Selected collections/materials related to Global Black Feminism Jamele Watkins
PWR 1TSC Spring 2019 Academia unleashed: contemporary rhetorics of higher education Schaeffer, T
EDUC 206A International comparative education: applied research methods Wotipka, C M
English 208 Fall 2019 The literature of disease Patrick Phillips
PWR 1IY Winter 2020 Rhetoric of Travel and Tourism Irena Yamboliev
PWR 1LS Winter Beyond the achievement gap: writing about education Swan, Lisa
PWR 1AF Spring 2020 PWR 1AF: Schooling in the American Mind: Rhetorics of Teaching and Learning Frye, Amanda