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The Humanities and Area Studies Resource Group (HASRG) is a multi-disciplinary group of people dedicated to the acquisition of materials in various formats which will enrich the Stanford University Libraries' Humanities collections to better serve its users.

The primary clientele of the HASRG consists of Stanford faculty, graduate students, and undergraduate majors in the humanities and area studies. The HASRG provides programs focused on the instructional and research needs of this clientele. Curators are primarily responsible for reaching out to this clientele and ensuring that library users in these categories are familiar enough with the HASRG to use its reference tools and collections. Help is always available via telephone, email or in person from our curators and specialists as needed. And several reference materials are available at the Lane Reading Room, located on the second floor of the newly restored Bing Wing.

The Lane Reading Room offers both printed and digital reference collections and specific "mini-collections" devoted to important topical areas, including collections of new fiction and new books in the scholarly fields of the humanities. The Lane Room provides reference materials aiding in the use of Special Collections, books on the digital culture and a vast array of various CD-ROMs, as well as access to SUL/AIR's electronic library of humanities texts and electronic indexes, publications and the Internet.

Patrons outside the primary clientele, such as members of the Stanford community from departments and programs other than those served directly by the HASRG, also have access to the HASRG collections and may consult with HASRG staff. It is expected that they will generally first seek reference help from the staff at the Green Library's Information Center.