Welcome to the SULAIR Drupal Environment.
During summer quarter, Digital Library Systems and Services (DLSS) will be testing the Drupal content management system for use by SULAIR. Drupal is a web publishing framework that supports the creation and management of dynamic online content. Drupal exploits modern web technologies, such as tagging, RSS feeds, faceted search, user-generated content and more . Drupal will provide a platform for the creation of new branch library pages, subject pages, research guides and blogs.

Over the course of the summer, DLSS will be developing documentation, offering training, and working with branches, subject specialists and other SULAIR units to test the potential of the Drupal framework. By Fall quarter we hope to have a stable Drupal infrastructure available for full use by branches, subject specialists and units to build sites and set up blogs.

Please note that this is currently a test installation. This means:

  • We will not delete any of your data or posts. It is OK to create content that you will eventually want to make public. We will migrate it to the production site.
  • The look and feel, templates, themes and functionality will change.
  • The site will not always work perfectly. We are learning too. Thanks for your patience.
  • Please do not distribute this URL outside SULAIR.


How-to documentation and screencasts will be provided on all tasks related to creating a Drupal Home Page and Research Guides.

Please visit the Drupal Documentation group to view our written documentation and video screencasts.

  • Quick Links are sorted by the frequency of user clicks - so the most popular ones will be at the top. To make a specific link stay always at the top, make it "sticky."
  • The "Research Guide Layout" allows you to create a Research Guide with sections by format (e.g. Databases, Books, etc.). "Research Guide Layout - TOC" allows you to create sections by topic (e.g. "Early Renaissance, c. 1300–1450"


User-Centered Web Design in Drupal

With the emergence of Drupal as a popular web publishing platform in SULAIR, many have expressed interest in designing new sites with this tool. We are happy to announce that Charles Kerns will be offering a class this summer to help you think about how to design a Drupal-based site that best addresses your users' needs.

Charles will discuss user-centered design, emphasizing:

  • Rules of thumb for designing sites, including information especially relevant to Drupal-based content systems.
  • User-testing methods that give feedback on navigation and orientation as well as on content utilization.
  • Development methods that take advantage of Drupal’s support for continuous updating and modification.

The class is intended for any SULAIR staff member who will be directly responsible for designing and building websites in the Drupal content management system.

The class will be offered three times over the summer, in parallel with SULAIR's efforts to build out a Drupal infrastructure. The dates are:

  • Friday, July 11,, 2p-3:30p
  • Monday, July 14, 3p-4:30p
  • Wednesday, July 23, 10a-11:30a

THIS CLASS WAS OFFERED IN 2008. Future classes on user-centered design will be announced at: Drupal Documentation

Ask for Help

To submit a bug, request a new feature or ask for help with your site, please send an email to