Item extended information TECHSTAFF field, Guidelines for using

Guidelines for using Item Extended Information TECHSTAFF field

Prior to the upgrade to Uniciron version 2003.0.11 on 9/6/04, item level notes were input in item comment lines. U2003 replaces item comment lines with item extended information fields, which are more flexible and can hold more data. The content of existing .COMMENT. lines were converted to the TECHSTAFF field during the upgrade, and the .COMMENT. prefix was removed. For the time being Technical Services staff should use the TECHSTAFF field in the same way as they had used the comment lines, and should follow the same inputting conventions. The only change is with the .COMMENT. prefix, which should no longer be used. Technical Services staff should not input any notes into the CIRCNOTE or CIRCSTAFF field. We may decide to make use of the PUBLIC field, which displays as a public note in Socrates, but until use policy is established, Technical Services staff should not input notes into the PUBLIC field either.

Historical information on Item Comment lines prior to Symphony 2003:

Use of item comment lines (Oct. 4, 1996-Sept. 7, 2004):

  1. Ser-Acq and Cataloging Serv. staff will enter non-public processing, routing, maintenance comments preceded by ".COMMENT." [Note: do not input a space between ".COMMENT." and the beginning of the note.] Conventions developed in NOTIS will be continued for recording cataloger's initials, format change, routing within TS, and maintenance such as withdraw, reclass, transfer. The same comment line can be used for multiple comments, separated by slash.
  2. Circ staff will add circ related comments with prefixes as follows: .COMMENT.MIDSPINE. continue to use for "lacks issues" .COMMENT.SD. search dates .COMMENT.CLAIMS. user claims returned .COMMENT.CM. catalog maintenance information, e.g. request message to DBM or SCS. Will be removed when action is completed. .COMMENT.CIRC. other circ related comment
  3. Some information formerly entered in the item comment lines should be entered in the 9xx fields of the bib record. This includes date cataloged (ex.: 910 MARCUnit/yyyy/mm/dd/[cataloger's intitials]); notifies and rushes (ex.: 940 Notify: [name, affiliation, email] or 940 PRI 1. Rel. Stud. 160, Fall 2002); selector for electronic resource (ex.: 910 selector: ceaston); or check-in instructions (ex.: 910 Check-in: Serials). Notifies will be removed by Circ staff when the action is completed.

Converted item comments (from NOTIS to Symphony):

  1. any converted comment beginning with ".COMMENT.MIDSPINE.", ".COMMENT.IT.", ".COMMENT.SD." belongs to Circ and will not be touched by Ser-Acq or Cataloging Serv. staff at all.
  2. any converted comment beginning with ".NOTE." or ".COMMENT." belongs to Ser-Acq and Cataloging Serv. staff and will not be touched by Circ at all.
  3. useless or no longer relevant converted notes can be removed, but only by staff that owns the comment line. If all the content of a comment line is removed the ".COMMENT." or ".NOTE." marker should be removed as well, so we don't end up with empty extended info later.

Last modified: October 8, 2008

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