Call numbers--Subseries number in subfield z

Entering Subseries Number in Subfield z of the Call Number Field

[Note: This document is an addendum to Use of Subfield z in the Call Number Field in Symphony]

On a subseries record of a classed together main series, subfield z of the call number field normally contains just the main series number (e.g. TK5 .I4|zNO.165). However, a library may choose to add the subseries number in order to make clear which volume within the main series corresponds with which volume within the subseries. For example, if the subseries is a series of conference proceedings, and no. 165 of the main series represents the fifth conference, held in 1978, of the subseries, then the subfield z of the call number may be extended as follows:

TK5 .I4|zNO.165 SUB 5th 1978

i.e. add one space after the main series number, followed by the designation "SUB", another space, and then the subseries number. Formatting of both the main series number and subseries number should be according to the guidelines in Use of Subfield z in the Call Number Field in Symphony.

Last modified: October 8, 2008

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