Keep current with new arrivals using Searchworks RSS feeds


searchworks rss feeds

Searches constructed in the Searchworks library catalog can continuously update you on new arrivals in your area of interest.  You’ll need to set up a feed reader (Google Reader is used in the example below). Once your feed reader is ready to go, you can begin to add “feeds” that are generated from any catalog searches you construct.

First, construct and initiate a search. 

This may be a simple keyword search, a call number search, a subject term search, or a more elaborate search using the advanced search feature. You may add refinements such as format and location:

 search example

(This search finds all Brahms sound recordings in the Music Library)


Review your results and modify the search parameters as needed.

In the right corner of the url box, click on the RSS icon and choose “RSS for results”:

rss icon 

Highlight and copy the entire resulting url:

url highlighted

Open your feed reader and paste the url into the “add subscription” box:

 insert box in google reader

All items that match your search criteria will now display the instant they are cataloged. You may add as many search feeds as you like. 

Have questions?  Need help?  Contact Ray Heigemeir, Public Services Librarian.

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