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The Library has a substantial collection of books about pop music artists and genres, including rock, heavy metal, rap and punk.
A select and increasing number of significant recordings are being added each year.


~ Recordings ~

Find circulating CDs and DVDs in the Searchworks library catalog

Find historical recordings in the Archive of Recorded Sound.

The Archive also has discographies and other reference works.  See, for example: The Great Indie DIscography


~ Printed music ~

Find piano/vocal song books in the Searchworks library catalog, or browse the stacks at  M1630.18.


~ Books and articles ~

Reference works: 

Begin by reading the Pop article in Grove Music Online stanford only (or in print) and related entries including:

Rock and roll  ~  Disco  ~  Funk  ~  Rap  ~  Rhythm and blues  ~  Soul music  ~  Dance music

Reggae  ~  Country music  ~  Heavy metal  ~  Thrash metal  ~  Punk rock  ~  Singer-songwriter

and Popular Music (for a broad overview of the 20th century).


The Encyclopedia of popular music (online at Oxford Music Online stanford only or in print) is a good source for artist biographies.

The Garland encyclopedia of world music (online stanford only or in print) provides thoughtful overviews of popular music in many countries and regions.

See also:

The Continuum encyclopedia of popular music of the world
Popular music : the key concepts
Rock song index : the 7500 most important songs of the rock and roll era (1944-2000)
Blues, funk, R&B, soul, hip hop, and rap : a research and information guide
The Rough guide to heavy metal
Encyclopedia of punk music and culture
The Green book of songs by subject
International Who's Who in Popular Music (also online in Marquis Who's Whostanford only

In the stacks: 

Find books on pop music and related topics in the Searchworks library catalog

Browse the stacks: 

ML420            Individual artist biographies
ML421            Performing groups
ML3470          General works and subgenres
ML3475          By region or country
ML3531          Rap
ML3534          Rock

See also:

ML82              Women and music
ML3916          Social and political aspects of music
ML3970          The music trade

~ Articles ~

Look for articles using the Academic Search Premier Stanford only database. 

You may also try the xSearch music cross-database tool Stanford only (new!); for broader results, search the entire xSearch database group.

See a list of popular music journals here.



~ Links ~

Billboard Music Charts
Rolling Stone
Soul Patrol

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum

Rocklopedia Fakebandica
Am I right? (misheard lyrics & song parodies)

Pandora Internet Radio
Slacker Personal Radio


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