Sound recordings ~ video recordings

~ Music Library ~

Contains 20,000+ circulating CDs, primarily of Western classical music, and including increasing amounts of jazz, popular, and non-Western musics. All CDs can be searched in SearchWorks, which provides details on contents, performers, and recording issue. Ask for CDs by MCD call number at the Circulation Desk. CDs circulate to all borrowers for 7 days.

~ Archive of Recorded Sound ~

The ARS collection of over 300,000 items spans sound recording history from its beginnings to the present day. Almost all formats developed to record sound are represented including wax cylinders; shellac, acetate, aluminum and vinyl discs; magnetic wire and tape recordings; and compact discs. Because recordings are handled only by Archive staff, listening appointments are required. The audio playback room can accommodate small classes or seminars. Research copies of audio files may be obtained under certain circumstances. While many recordings can be found in SearchWorks, the majority require discographic information to be identified. Archive staff are happy to assist.

~ The William H. 'Cigar Bill' Nieman Sr. Collection of Historical Recordings ~

The collection includes over 1500 pre-1920 cylinder recordings, cylinder players and supporting peripheral equipment and materials. The recordings include classical, popular, folk, spiritual and march music, Vaudeville routines and speeches.

~ Green Library Media & Microtext Center ~

Green M&M has approximately 2000 CDs covering a wide variety of genres.

~ SAL3 ~

Upwards of 15,000 sound recordings in older formats, primarily LP (vinyl) discs are stored in climate-friendly conditions in Stanford Auxiliary Library 3. These items can be found and paged in SearchWorks. Expect a 2-3 day delivery time to either the Music Library or Green Media & Microtext Center.

~ Hoover Institution Library and Archives ~

Provides access to and preservation of radio and broadcast tapes from the 1920s through the 1950s as well as other spoken word recordings, including speeches presented to the Commonwealth Club of California and William F. Buckley's Firing Line television program. Contact the Hoover Library for details on accessing these collections.

~ Video in the Music Library ~

The video collection contains opera and other performances, biographical works on composers, programs on musical instruments and the music of a specific time or place. It is enhanced by the much larger collection in Green Library's Media-Microtext Center.

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