Stanford University Libraries' Gifts-in-Kind Program

The Stanford University Libraries (SUL) welcomes donations of scholarly materials in all formats falling within the guidelines of the Collection Development Policy Statement. SUL selectors and the Acquisitions Gifts unit are responsible for the acceptance of gifts.

The primary purpose of the Gifts-in-Kind program is to acquire materials that will be added to SUL’s collections. For this reason, it is essential that selectors be involved in gift acceptance decisions. In particular, large gifts falling within identifiable subject areas are discussed with the appropriate selector prior to acceptance of the gift. Whenever possible, the selector should review and select from very large gifts before the materials arrive in SUL.

Gifts are accepted unconditionally; that is, SUL reserves the right to determine the disposition of donated materials. Because they have little potential value for our collections, periodicals, popular paperbacks, textbooks, and materials in poor physical condition are not generally accepted.

When requested, SUL will acknowledge receipt of gifts but cannot provide donors with appraisals of their gifts. If a donor requests an appraisal, we recommend that they consult an independent appraiser.

To discuss a Gifts-In-Kind donation to SUL, please contact the appropriate subject selector or Sarah Forzetting in the Acquisitions Department.

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