Agenda 2014

Lightning Talks

All participants are encouraged to come to the event prepared to give a lightning talk.  A lightning talk is a five to seven minute presentation on a compelling topic related to cultural heritage imaging, your work, or that of your organization. Slides and demos are encouraged, but a free-form talk is also great.  The goal is to introduce yourself, stimulate thought and generate ideas for meeting sessions.

Topic Planning

In advance of the meeting, we will provide some mechanism for you to suggest sessions and topics for in-depth discussion. Certainly we already have discussed some ideas, but in the unconference spirit we would like to let the group set the agenda. At a minumum, start thinking about topics you think would be compelling and of common interest to at least some of the group.

Agenda 2014


Wednesday July 16th

Thursday July 17th Friday July 18th
8:30am Arrivals and Check-in

Breakfast in the library

Breakfast in the library Breakfast in the library
9am to 12pm

Lightning talks
Agenda planning

Day 1 Reflections
Lightning talks, Round 2
Sessions Continue

Day 2 Reflections
Introduction to IIIF
Final Sessions

12pm to 1pm


Your hosts will chaperone you to Stanford eateries at Tressider Union


Stanford provides lunch from local catering truck Chow Bow



1pm to 5:00pm Unconference planning
Day 1 Wrap-Up

Walking tour of Stanford Campus, led by Lynn McRae of Digital Library Systems and Services

Day 2 Wrap-Up

Digital Production Group Lab Tours


Stanford-hosted dinner at Tacolicious in Downtown Palo Alto

Cocktail hour in the library

Will include a mead tasting with samples from Rabbit's Foot Meadery