Agenda 2016

Lightning Talks

All participants are invited to give a lightning talk.  A lightning talk is a five to seven minute presentation on a compelling topic related to cultural heritage imaging, your work, or that of your organization. Slides and demos are encouraged, but a free-form talk is also great.  The goal is to introduce yourself, stimulate thought and generate ideas for meeting sessions.

Topic Planning

On the first day of the event we will collaboratively decide on the agenda for our three days together.  But lets take some time in the weeks leading up to the meeting to suggest ideas and register your interest.  We will provide a Google doc to capture your ideas.  This will help expedite the unconference agenda planning.

Agenda 2016


Monday July 11th

Tuesday July 12th Wednesday July 13th
8:30am Arrivals and Check-in


Breakfast Breakfast in the library
9am to 12pm

Lightning talks
Agenda planning

Day 1 Reflections
Lightning talks, Round 2
Sessions Continue

Day 2 Reflections

Final Sessions in the new David Rumsey Map Center

12pm to 1pm


Stanford provides lunch from local catering truck Chow Bow


Stanford provides lunch


Find your own lunch at various Stanford eateries at Tressider Union

1pm to 5:00pm Unconference planning
Day 1 Wrap-Up

Day 2 Wrap-Up



Stanford-hosted reception at MacArthur Park in Palo Alto

Cocktail hour on the patio

Will include light refreshments and musical entertainment

Dinner planning with fellow attendees

Past Agendas