Ethics in the Digital Age Series

Ethics in the Digital Age is a cross-sector seminar series for industry and academicians to convene and call attention to questions and concerns relating to ethics across a range of topics including: digital health, data science & informatics, journalism, social media, agriculture & food supply, finance & investing, and transportation/travel, among others. Stanford Libraries, since its inception, has served as a convener of discussions, debates and continues to be a meeting place for intellectual inquiry. 

For many decades Stanford Libraries has been involved in collecting data, understanding digital methodologies, and making these resources available to Stanford professors and students. Ensuring the protection of data, whether it be personal health, demographic, financial, behavioral or research data, continues to be a priority for Stanford Libraries.

This series will bring together representatives from industry and the academy to initiate conversations and ultimately bring forward recommendations so others can continue the dialogue in their board rooms, break rooms, labs, libraries and offices.