As an SDR depositor, you can easily manage, share, and preserve your work.


Persistent access

Every deposit is accessible at a persistent URL (PURL) maintained by Stanford Libraries. Ideal for citations.

Secure, archival storage

Content of scholarly value requires more than standard file back-up. The SDR storage system is designed to protect against data corruption, loss, or inadvertent change.  



Choose to get a DOI for your PURL. They are a powerful combination to make your work more discoverable and reliably accessible.


Unlimited self-deposits at no charge

Fees may apply for large volumes or bulk deposits.



Choose to enter your ORCID iD along with your deposit to ensure your work is reliably attributed to you.

Any file type 

There are no restrictions on the format or type of file that can be deposited to the SDR.



PURL and DOI reservation

Because sometimes you need to share a link to your work where it will be when it’s deposited.


Make any changes to your work after deposit by opening a new version. The most recent version will be available to users online; previous versions may be accessed upon request.


SearchWorks catalog

Your work is discoverable in the library catalog, where it is picked up by search engines like Google for users around the globe.


Create a dedicated repository collection where you can add and manage multiple deposits; invite Stanford collaborators to contribute their work too. Option to configure settings for licenses, embargos, DOIs, and access restrictions in the collection. 


Embeddable viewer

The SDR content viewer is easily embeddable, giving you the flexibility to feature and present your SDR deposit in other web pages.

Review workflow

When it is important to manually check and approve works submitted by others before they are fully deposited into your repository collection.


License selection

Choose from a variety of options, and let those who access your work know how they can use it.

Access Controls

For those cases when open access to the public is not suitable, access to your work can be restricted to Stanford users.



Delay the release of your deposit for any time up to 3 years from the date of deposit.