Office of Technology Licensing

Service Profile

Since 2015, the Stanford Office of Technology Licensing (OTL) has partnered with the Stanford Digital Repository to securely store and preserve copies of technology inventions that have emerged from research at Stanford and have demonstrated potential to benefit society. The OTL is responsible for managing the successful transfer of these inventions to industry, and relies on the SDR as part of its licensing process to maintain a secure, unadulterated copy of the technology -- usually software, but sometimes other assets --  at Stanford.


  • Highly secure storage to protect against unauthorized access.

  • Redundant, geographically dispersed copies to protect against loss of digital content. 

Available to

Stanford researchers, faculty and students.  


Must be working under the guidance and direction of OTL staff regarding one or more inventions.  

Data security

The SDR allows deposit of low risk and medium risk information as defined by the Information Security Office.  


Free of charge

Get started

Contact the OTL team for all matters related to the deposit of an invention; they initiate the process with the SDR at the appropriate juncture.

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