Our exhibitions

We aim to engage the public and share new avenues of research and understandings of cartography. 

We welcome ideas for new exhibitions. We know that knowledge and insight come from many places. We enjoy partnering with students, staff or faculty of Stanford, as well as the public at large to bring together a diversity of interests, perspectives, and insights into our collection.

We curate both physical exhibitions at the Center and virtual ones online.   


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Mapping the Islamic World


Past exhibitions 


Data visualization and the modern imagination Coordinates: Maps and art exploring shared terrain        mapping the global imaginary       

Views: portraying space and place        Barry Lawrence Ruderman Conference on Cartography        Barry Lawrence Ruderman collection        

california as an island in maps        renaissance exploration map collection        warren heckrotte map collection       

maps of africa an online exhibit        Tokyo over time        Universe of maps opening the david rumsey center

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