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The Stanford Digital Repository (SDR) works closely with the Libraries' Data Management Services team to extend preservation, management, access and discovery services to Stanford researchers who want to promote and protect the products of their work.

These services enable depositors to comply with funding agency requirements for research data management, and support researchers who author journal articles and need a repository to host the supplemental data underlying the published research results.

Building on SDR's core infrastructure and technologies, the range of available services directly benefit researchers with data to preserve and share.

By depositing data in the SDR, you:

  • Obtain a permanent, reliable web link to your deposit - Every deposit in the SDR has an associated PURL (persistent URL) which will not change over time. This means that SDR depositors and users alike can be confident that the link to the data deposit hosted in the SDR always works, establishing a reliable citation at an enduring online location.
  • Control when research data is made public - Depositors can elect to apply an embargo to the research data so that public access is deferred for a specific period (typically no more than three years). Embargo may be appropriate in cases where the researcher needs to maintain the data in a managed repository environment like the SDR while deferring any access to the data pending further data collection, analysis, publication of results, etc.
  • Establish licensing rules around your data - Data depositors have the option to make clear the terms under which their data can be used, re-used, attributed, etc., by applying a Creative Commons, Open Data, or other license. A license facilitates communication between data depositors and online researchers who want to access and make use of data they find in a repository. SDR staff can assist a depositor in selecting an appropriate license, and information about the license will be presented along with the data online.
  • Make your data easy for other researchers to discover - A catalog record for data deposited in the SDR is added to SearchWorks, Stanford's primary access point for library and information resources. Thousands of people at Stanford and across the academic and scientific communities use SearchWorks every day.
  • Ensure that the information is preserved into the future - At the core of the SDR is a highly-secure, managed storage environment where the bits and bytes comprising the deposited files are protected from data corruption and loss.

Interested in depositing your data in the SDR? Please contact us at

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