Untitled Document The Social Sciences Resource Center (SSRC) provides a diverse set of resources including U.S., foreign and international government documents in all languages, useful for advanced research of social, economic, and political phenomena in a variety of formats that include print, microform, compact disk (CD-ROM), cartridge tape, and electronic via Stanford University Libraries Databases and Articles . In addition, users have access to the Jonsson Library CD-ROM collection of full-text and bibliographic databases from dedicated computers.
The collections complement the instructional and informational collections of the Information Center. They also complement, at the advanced and research levels of inquiry, relevant area studies and interdisciplinary materials found in the Humanities and Area Studies Resource Center. In addition, the SSRC collections complement advanced and research-level materials in other Stanford libraries dealing with cognate areas of social inquiry: Cubberley Education Library, Crown Law Library,  J. Hugh Jackson Library (business), and the Hoover Institution Library and Archives.
Collection types, format by subject, and location designations (in parentheses) from the Stanford University Libraries online catalog, Socrates follow:

Atlases (SSRC-ATLAS)
A selection of political, environmental, historical and demographic atlases worldwide.  Most atlases are shelved in the SSRC stack.  Large-size atlases are located in the SSRC atlas cases.  Check Socrates for other titles.
Classic Texts (SSRC-CLASS)
Over 1000 classic texts in the development of the social sciences are available in the Jonsson Reading Room. Titles in the collection circulate for a 28-day loan period.  
Recent monographs published by Stanford's Center for the Study of Language and Information circulate for a 28-day loan period.

Current Awareness (SSRC-CURR)
A collection of over 60 newspapers, magazines and journals of interest to social scientists. Titles in the current awareness collection listed below do not circulate.

Chronicle of Higher Education
Columbia Journalism Review

Far Eastern Economic Review
Lingua Franca

New Republic
Nieman Reports (Nieman Foundation, Harvard)
Public Perspective (Roper Center)
Society (Transaction)

Financial Times
New York Times
Wall Street Journal


American Anthropologist
American Indian Culture and Research Journal
Cultural Anthropology

Human Communication Research
Journalism and Mass Communication Quarterly
Journal of Communication
Public Opinion Quarterly

The Gallup Poll monthly
 American Economic Review
Economic Perspectives
Journal of Economic Literature

Quarterly Journal of Economics
Review of Economics and Statistics
Language in Society
Political Science
Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science
AJPS (American Political Science Review)

Foreign Affairs
Gallup Poll Monthly
International Organization

PS (Political Science)
The National Interest
World Politics
Developmental Psychology
Journal of Experimental Psychology: Human Perception and Performance

Journal of Memory and Language
Journal of Personality
Journal of Personality and Social Psychology
Journal of Social Psychology
Psychological Science

American Sociological Review
Social Forces

Social Science Data & Software (SSRC-SSDS)
A reference (non-circulating) collection of software manuals, textbooks on statistics and advanced research methods, and social science data set codebooks are located in The Velma Denning Room. In addition, users have access to a rich collection data sets on CD-ROM and diskette via computers in the Room.

Jonsson Library of Government Documents
(U.S. Federal Documents)
(INTL-DOCS) International documents
(CALIF- DOCS) California state documents
(BRIT-DOCS) British documents

Documents (SSRC-DOCS)
North transept: This collection includes:
Background material and data on major programs within the jurisdiction of the
Committee on Ways an Means, U.S. House of Representatives (Green Book, ) 1982 -
Economic report of the President transmitted to the Congress, 1952-
Employment, Hours, and Earnings, United States, 1909 - 1992
Monthly Catalog of U.S. Government Publications, 1895-1976
Economic Report of the President, 1952 -
Budget of the U. S. Government (Management and Budget Office, 1923 -
Statistical Yearbook of the Immigration and Naturalization Service, 1968 -
United Nations (U. N.) statistical annuals, inter alia.
Mortality Statistics and Vital Statistics of the United States, 1900- 1992

South transept: This collection includes:
Statistical Abstract of the United States
U. S. Census, 1790 to the present

Microform (MFICHE [number])
Users have access to the SSRC collection on microform. In addition, a collection of several key statistical microfiche series: ASI (American Statistical Index), SRI (Statistical Reference Index) and IIS (Index to International Statistics), located in the West Stacks Basement Level. Indexes to these microfiche sets are available in printed format located in the Center and electronically via Statistical Universe, the latter including a limited amount of full-text information. Reference staff at the Green Library Information Desk can assist users with questions about these and other SSRC collections on microform.

Sources Covered by ASI (American Statistics Index)
 U.S. Federal Departments and Agencies

Sources Covered by SRI (Statistical Reference Index)
 Business Organizations
Commercial Publishers
Independent Research Organizations
State Governments
University Research Centers

Sources Covered by IIS (Index to International Statistics)
International Organizations, e.g., World Bank, European Union, etc.
Related resource: Sources of Comparative International Statistics

New Books (SSRC-New Books)
A rotating selection of new materials acquired for the Green Library general and government documents collections. Titles in this collection circulate for a 28-day loan period. Titles in this collection circulate for a 28-day loan period.

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